ON AUGUST 23, 1972 AT 10:47 AM


“My children, as I speak through this child, I speak in a natural way to not frighten certain ones who have come here today.  I am Saint Teresa of Avila.

There are so many odds and ends.  This must be cleared up, taken care of, for you see, children are not going to The Holy Trinity for Love, for Protection, for Guidance, for Advice.  So, through This Miracle Of The Beloved Saint Joseph, children are being guided to The Creator of All Things.

The Vision the child explained on days before will be explained once again through Me.  The Holy Eucharist is the Ultimate Gift from God to all mankind.  And as The Son was The Instrument for This, He oftentimes appears with The Holy Eucharist, showing the world the Magnificence of the physical way, and the Ultimate Gift for every man in every day.

When His Heart shines, It shines with Love; but when It glows as if a diamond were there, it is because of the Souls that were saved through the giving of the physical Heart one day.  The water that poured upon the earth is Grace.  The water is the cleansing way for Souls to come This Way.

As you were born to the Image and Likeness of The Father, keep this in mind at all times:  the Soul is to you as The Father is to The Trinity, the Ultimate; the body is to you as The Son is to The Trinity, the human form, the physical; the Guardian Angel is to you as The Holy Ghost is to The Trinity, the Light, the Guardian, the Truth, the Love, the Way.  So, My children, I, Saint Teresa of Avila say, ‘Each child born to the world is truly born to the Image and Likeness of God’s Way.’

Children become so involved in the physical part, in the physical manner, that they forget the Soul which is the Most Important Part.  And children are not being taught the Importance of the Angel God gave to protect them in every way.

I bless you with God’s Love and through His Power.  I bless you in Truth, and I say, ‘As you leave this mound of soil today, keep in mind that you are a trinity, for God made you that way.’  So be it.”

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