ON AUGUST 23, 1972 AT 11:00 AM


“If I were to put this child in ecstasy, drawing her from the world, it would not help each of thee.  If I were to allow her to rise above your head, you would be so drawn to the physical you would not understand the Power, Which is Me.  So I come to the world to use the voice, the limb, the physical of a child, to teach once again the Wisdom of My Way, the Truth that I Am in every way, and the Purpose for which I created the physical.

The number that you are is small, but the Power that I use is the Greatest Power of all.  The Love that I transmit to you is a Love unknown to man.  It is Divine.  It is Pure.  I speak through this child so you can understand the Love, the Desire I have for you.  I hold her firm, I caress her in My Arms.  If I did not, she could not stand the Power.

I say to you now: ‘I come in Love to encourage each child here to put Me first, above all things; to serve Me in everything you do, everything you say, to desire to be only with Me one day, to give of yourself in all ways.  I created you.  I want you to come to Me as a child.  I want you to stand at My Feet.  I want you to desire only Me.’

I want children to sift truth from all the exposure of untruth they now have.  I want children to stop looking for Gifts I do not give to every man.  I want children to hold My Hand.  I want children to listen to Every Word and to obey My Command.  I want children to lean on Me when they fear, when they are in doubt.  I want children to set aside their egos, their pride, and walk in humility.

I want children to see the Beauty of service to Me, the joy it is, the love it is, the truth it is.  I want children of all ages to receive Me in the Form I knew would be best for them.  I want children to understand I am All Strength; and they must understand that it was only I Who could create them, it is only I Who can truly help them.

I want children to strive to obey The Heavenly Mother, Who is Here with Me each day.  I want children to understand the purpose of the prayers to Her that She commands.  I want children to not forget the Souls Who have yet time to come This Way.  I want children to desire to be a Saint with Me for all days.

I want children to be taught how to love Me.  I want children to be shown by example how to serve Me.  I want children to understand purity, for it is My Way.  And if you will but look at The Commandments I gave, each one will lead you to purity in a special way.  All Things Here in Heaven are Pure.

And that is why I come through this child who stands upon the earth as you, obedient to My Will, to teach all mankind the need for purity, the goal it must be.  It is My Wish, My Will.  I send forth to the world now, a Saint beloved by Me.  I have Decreed The Time.  I have designed the Way, for He is All Example of Obedience, of Trust, of Purity.  I give Him a Place to be seen in, heard from, and Honored.

My children, I, your Father, speak through a small child such as you, in a manner you understand, with the child full in view.  I have given you a Great Gift today from Me, a Personal Touch of My Love, to guide, to guard, to help, to strengthen each of thee.  I hold the child in My Power and I will release her slowly, and as I do, I touch the heart of each of you and ask you to return the love to Me.  I bless you in a way you cannot know.  I bless you with Divine Love to help you grow.  So be it.”

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