ON AUGUST 26, 1972 AT 7:23 PM


“My beloved children, I am Saint Joan of Arc.  I come to you on this night readily, happily, to give each of you a Strength, a Strength from Here Where We are.

You do not see the turmoil that is all around.  And now I say, ‘An Army, led by Saint Michael, comes your way.  The Army is All Saints, for you see, God has Decreed The Time to be that We Saints come to the earth to help each of thee.’ Children have never before experienced this.  Whenever a Saint spoke, it was through a child and the Message was passed on, usually One Saint at a time.  That is why This Miracle Of The Beloved Saint Joseph is so Unique.  I use this Word for it is a term you know, a term you are acquainted with, a term you understand:  It is One Alone.

My children, many times when I spoke to the men, it was Locution Way.  And when I would hear These Voices, I would say to them what The Voice did say, and they would turn to me and they would know the Truth of The Voice and they would know the Logic and the Wisdom that was there.  And many of these men, at one time, did not care about The Father in any way.  And there were a few very close to me, and they used to sit and say, ‘Joan, what do you see?’ And I’d say, ‘I will tell you only if God wants you to know.’ And they would say, ‘His Will be done through you, His Soul.’

There were many times in My life I wanted to write down What was occurring, and yet it was seeing there were Things there that man would not know and they would not understand; but now, I come through this child to you in your time and I say, ‘Pay attention to Every Word and follow Them, for as you do, you will learn how to be a Saint, you will come Here Where We are, Where I am.’

Oh, My children, set a Goal on this night, make sure of the awareness of your Soul that is Light, and be conscious every day of the Soul that God gave you on a very special day.

There are so many children now being killed before they enter the world.  They have a Soul, they have a Guardian Angel, and yet this is being ignored.  The trinity which man truly is, is being diminished into a nothingness.  Oh, My children, keep in mind, do not kill the unborn kind, for when you do you commit a great sin against God’s Commandments that are dear to Him.

I bless you through a child.  I bless you in God’s Name.  I bless you with the Light to lead you Here once again.  So be it.”

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