ON AUGUST 26, 1972 AT 7:40 PM



There’s a table, and on the table there are many Crowns, all different, each one glowing.  Some have jewels, some not.  Oh, my! About four feet in front of the table is a great chair.  I cannot see His Face but I know He’s there.  I see White and I see Light, but I cannot distinguish flesh or hair.  Oh! An Angel stands to the right and to the left, and I know It’s The Father in the chair.  He’s holding me up, for my knees are buckling in His Presence, and He says, “You must stand there.”

Oh, my! The Crowns are secondary now.  A child is being brought by The Heavenly Mother, and She says, “Father, a child has come to stay with Us for all days,” and The Father — I can feel Him smile but I cannot see it. “Heavenly Mother, what a Gift You bring Me now.” The child is about twelve, or appears that way.  The child’s face is radiant with the Glow from God.

And Our Lady says, “My little one, the Crown has waited for you, and now I can remove it from the table.” And the child says, “Will I not wear it, my Mother?” “What good is a crown now?  Why would you need a crown, My little one, when you have entered such a Kingdom?” The Father smiles.  I still cannot see Him.  She says to the child, “The Crown is a symbol; the True Crown of Heaven is to be with The Father.” She takes the child away after a Special Type of Blessing I have never seen before, and it’s as if the child is transformed.

And now The Father speaks to all of us.


“My sons, My daughters, I use the physical of a child such as you to give you My Words, to show you My Love, for you see, I want you to return to Me.  Many times you have prayed My Way, beseeching Me to hand you a gift, your way.  I have never ignored your plea for help.  My Answer sometimes was another way.  It is not easy to walk for Me.  It is not a path of acclaim, but I say to you on this day, in your way, ‘I want each of you to walk for Me in your little way.’

I bless you through a child who has been the instrument to teach you.  I bless you through the Time I Decreed that a favored Son of Me should be known throughout the world for the submission of His Will.  This Beloved Saint must be seen, must be heard, must be honored and must be revered.  These Words I want to travel throughout the world.  I want men to know I do speak.  I, The Father, would not let His children alone at a time such as this.  Why does man feel I would not do this?  Speak His Name, teach others to follow His Example.  And please, My children, be a Saint.

I do not speak with Great Words you cannot understand.  I do not speak in a language you do not know.  I speak with Words you can hear, can absorb, can follow.  It is My Way through and through.  Man complicates all things.  I, in My Power, My Love, simplify all things.  I would be the last to complicate the way to Heaven.  I would be the first to simplify it, to guide you totally My Way.

I want the world to know I spoke on this night and in This Way.  I want all men, all colors, all races, all creeds, to know that at this time in which they live, I favor each of them.

I give you a Blessing you cannot know, but I perform It, I act It out in the way you understand — in The Cross of My Son Who walked the land.  I bless you in My Name, I bless you in the Name of My Son, and I bless you in My Light, for We are Three as One.  So be it.”

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