ON AUGUST 27, 1972 AT 2:17 PM


“I, your Heavenly Mother, come with Much Love through a child who has given a total life — physical, mental and Spiritual.

Today on the Hill of Hope, The Beloved Father, Who was My Son upon the earth, gave the beloved Dominic a Word.  It was to face Me with the Rosary I hold dear.  I smiled at These Words, for you see, it is always this way with Him.  He allows Me to use My Love, whether it be in Heaven or on earth.  He allows Me to make My Own Decisions.  He allows Me to say what I Will to say, and of course, I only desire His Will to be done.

But I say to you now, ‘The Rosary is said in Heaven with each one that is said upon the earth, and so I have not stopped the Rosaries Here, for they are of great worth.’ So keep in mind, My children, that as you say these Beads, One Here, or More, says them with you and says to Me, ‘A Soul will soon be released, My Lady, My Mother, for another child is offering the Beads.’

The Commandments, of course, are not needed, because you see, the Children present Here have already obeyed These.  And if it was not full obedience to Them, reparation has been made and They are now completely pure and without sin.  But the Beads will help other Souls, so We do say them with each of you.

My Son is good to Me and He allows Me this privilege.  I bless you with a Love you cannot know.  I am your Heavenly Mother and I, too, love you so.  So be it.”

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