ON SEPTEMBER 1, 1972 AT 7:40 PM


“Many children are unaware of the great heresy in this day.  They are joining it, they are participating in it, and they are using it in their own way.  My children, heresy, in many ways, is developed untruth.  And when you lean on this you oftentimes lean on the evil one’s weakness, and yes, you lean towards the pits of Hell.

Through this child, I, Saint Athanasius, speak openly and truthfully, lovingly, firmly, understandingly and hopefully. This child is an instrument of God, to fight one, two, three heresies of your day.  Some of you present here have already participated in one of them.  It goes by the name of Pentecostalism.  My children, be aware of the wickedness and the undercurrent in this great heresy.  Do not become involved in it, and do not participate in any manner for it.

I stand Here in the Heavens and I speak openly through a child such as you.  I give you a Lesson of Truth.  I give you a Lesson of Wisdom.  And I say: ‘Be aware of your Soul.  Be aware of the trickery satan puts in your way.’ He will try much to build your pride and your ego.  He will say: ‘Forget The Commandments and go by your day and your way.  Forget to observe The Rules God gave, for man has new ones better for you in your day.’

Oh, My children, there is a Hell, there is a Purgatory.  Purgatory was given to man for special reasons.  Before a child can enter the Kingdom of Heaven, the child must be purified in a special way.  Purgatory is a Gift from God, His Love for each man, for through Purgatory reparation is made so that you can see The Holy Trinity, so you can participate in the Beauty of Heaven Where I am.

Children, I beseech you to pay well attention to What is said through this child.  Listen good; I put These Words in a special way to attract you.  Children are placing so much emphasis on words, what they mean, and yes, the degree they are in.  Please, as I stand Here in the Heavens, there is nothing complicated Here.  All is simple, all is profound, all is to teach children on the ground.

Please, My children, as I bless you through this child, I say: ‘Be aware of the heresy in your day.  Walk away from it.  Fight it.  Stand up only for Truth.  Go to God, not man, for all things and in all things you do.’

I bless you with The Father’s Love, I bless you with The Heart of The Son, and I bless you in a Truth that only God has begun.  So be it.”

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