ON SEPTEMBER 3, 1972 AT 10:48 AM


“My beloved children, I am Saint Anastasia.  If it be known, very few children in the world pray My way, but many are familiar with My Name even in your day.  There are so many things to be taught to children now.  All Heaven has opened up.  The Holy Trinity is directing All Words through this child.  If you feel skeptical, ask God’s Help.  If you feel doubtful, ask His Help.  If you feel fearful, ask His Help.

As I stand Here in the Heavens, We are aware that many children are frightened of This Great Miracle that is here, because you see, My little ones, God is this close; and you must recognize the closeness, the Personal Way that God is reaching you today.  There are many things that have been taught through this child.  There are many things yet to be taught.  You participate in The Greatest Miracle of your day:  personal contact with God in a way that is Special in your day.

I could use many Great Words.  I could fool you with phraseology, but then you would leave this Great Place, this Holy Ground, and not feel God’s Grace.  There will be Many Words spoken to you today by Us.  Listen to Each One, try to absorb Each One, and when you leave this Holy Ground, follow Each Word, for you see, through These Words you can become a Saint.

I bless you with Truth, I bless you with Love, and I give you Hope on this day.  So be it.”

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