ON SEPTEMBER 8, 1972 AT 7:55 PM


“I, Saint John The Baptist, speak to you tonight and I want each child here to think about the Words, about the Light, about the Wind that was taught to you in a simple way, so that you could understand the Beauty of God’s Love for each of you.

My children, as I walked the land, trying so hard to teach man of the coming of a Special One, I was oftentimes laughed upon and many men said I had lost my mind and I would be better off dead.  I reach out to you on this night and I say, ‘As I walked the earth in a truthful way, you now have a Sacrament to cleanse the way.’ Keep this in mind, My little ones.

The Sacrament of cleansing, of the pouring of the water, is a Special One to man; but now, because of so many misgivings, misunderstanding, misinterpretation, man is casting this aside to follow another plan.  Be wise, My children, and know that the pouring of the water is important to God, for when this occurs the sin does have to go.  Keep in mind also, that if there had been self-discipline, the pouring of the water, the way I had to walk would not have been necessary.

So now again, God sends to the world a child who has to walk a road of peculiar way:  a hazardous one, a burdensome one, for you see, these are troubled days and children lack self-discipline.  So every time this occurs, a sacrifice must be made, ‘a sacrificial lamb’ for God has to come man’s way.

I speak to you from a Realm you know of, and God does wish for everyone to come Here for All Eternity.  The Heavens speak, the Heavens teach; God sends His Love to each.  Whether it be in poetic rhyme or simple Words from The Divine, the Teaching is to give all mankind the way to Heaven, the path to God, a Personal Touch of His Love.

I bless you, not with the water on this night, but with God’s Love and with His Light.  The Wind surrounds this child, and as It does, It touches you.  The Wind is to help you understand God’s Will for each of you.  So be it.”

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