ON SEPTEMBER 8, 1972 AT 8:20 PM


“I hold this child, for as My Beloved Son, Who was My Beloved Father, placed her in a particular way, so when I was ready to speak there would be no delay.

When I walked the earth, when I saw trouble all around, My Heart would sometimes ache, for I would say, ‘God could take that misery away.’ And yet I had to obey and wait for The Father to say a Miracle would come.  If I had not been prepared, trained in obedience then, I could not have withstood the pain of the Passion Way.  And that is why, on this night, much has been spoken about Light, much has been said about the cleansing that had to be because of the lack of self-discipline.

Oh, My children, I speak profoundly.  Man says, ‘God can do it,’ but what man does not say is: ‘Is God ready to do it?  Is it God’s Will it be done now?’ Man prays, always hopeful he will get his way.  This is not wrong, My children, but I say, ‘Learn to pray to do God’s Will each day and you will grow in such a strength that self-discipline will become easy for you each day.’

Man does not understand that much preparation went into God’s Plan.  The Parents I walked with were chosen especially for Me, for many reasons.  I take you now to a time that was even then preparation for Me, as well as an Important Part of God’s Plan.

My Beloved Father became physically ill.  Mary, My Mother, nursed Him as all wives should.  As I stood by and helped in many ways, I knew that the end was to come soon.  I knelt down beside Him and spoke to Him of Our days, and suddenly this Man Whom I loved looked into My Eyes and said, ‘Oh, Son, I cannot leave the world today, My work is not yet done.’ I knew The Father’s Will was about to take Him away.  And as I said, ‘Father, Son, God’s Will must be done, Your work has just begun,’ He faded away.

Much sorrow was in Our home, for We loved this Man Who was not made of stone nor was He made of wood; He was made of flesh, of blood.  The warmth of His Way remained with Us every day.  I turned to The Woman Who lived all these years with Him, Who shared responsibility, and I did say, ‘We must accept The Father’s Will for Us today.’ She looked at Me and She did say, ‘Yes, Son, it must always be His Way.’

I went into the open fields.  I went then to the mountain tops.  I taught wherever I did go.  And as I walked with men, they, too, were flesh and blood.

And as the time grew near to when I would have to stand before men, being brutally beaten — I did not look forward to this time — I cried out loud, ‘Oh God, Divine, can You not spare this time?’ The moments I did spend in the garden all alone, the Moisture on My Body I knew was One Alone.  The time was near, the time was close, and it had to be for Reasons of The Father, the Will to bring all men to The Holy Trinity.  I knew that My earthly Father was spending many moments pleading with The Holy King to deliver Me, and yet I knew it could not be.

I take you now to a Special Place where My earthly Father pleaded much for help, for Grace.  The Beloved Joseph begged The Father to whisk Me away, to stop the men.  He pleaded to return to the earth and stay to protect Me from these men who did not know.  After much pleading, The Father had to say: ‘Joseph, this is why I took You away; Your Love for Him had grown so, that You could not bear to see the horror that had to be.  And if I had allowed You, My little One, to remain upon the earth, or even now to return, You would ruin My Plan for every man.’ And Joseph, in His Love, torn between the Two, one last plea, and then The Father said, ‘Remember, He was My Son first.’

And now, My children, as I use this instrument of Truth, she too must stand in Truth — Total, Obvious.

I bless you with The Father’s Love, I bless you with Hope, I bless you with Light and I say: ‘As The Father loves you, I love you so.  Let your life be Here with Us to stay.’  So be it.”

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