ON SEPTEMBER 10, 1972 AT 10:54 AM


“My children, I am Saint Martin de Porres.  I speak now and I say to each one here, ‘You must understand that the time in which you live is a sadness, and yes, a hazardous one for every man.’

Do not allow the evil one to interfere with your life in any way.  Do not allow him to disrupt the good in work and play.  Many men use their place of work, their place of vocation, for great sins.  Oh, My children, if you could but see the evil happiness, you would say, ‘It cannot be from him,’ because you say you see satan as a very sad one; and the only time he appears in a happy manner is when he is drawing you to him.  But true happiness he cannot have, true love he cannot feel.  Keep in mind, My children, that all you do is please him when you walk away from God Who Is Real.

At the Judgment Time, in the Judgment Day, all men will say, ‘Why did I not listen to the Truth?’ And now I, Saint Martin, say to you: ‘You are given a privilege on this day.  You are given a chance to come totally God’s Way.’ There are so many things to be learned by all men in this day, through the Words spoken through this child by Us, in many ways.

I bless you with God’s Love.  I bless you with All Truth.  I give you Hope, for you see, through Hope you will feel God’s Love for you.  So be it.”

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