ON SEPTEMBER 10, 1972 AT 10:59 AM


“My children, I am known to shout through this child, to send Words of Love, of Direction, all the while.  I am Saint Peter.  I was not a learned man.  I was simple in every way, whether I was on the sea or on the land.  And when I followed The Son along the path that was to bring Me Here Where I am, I sometimes listened to the most simple Words, for if They had been great in size, I would not have understood Them.  And so it is today through a child as you, how to love The Father comes in a simple form for each of you.

Even though some of you have read many, many books written by other men, you, too, must walk to God as a child, in a simple way, as I did.  You must follow because of Love, you must follow in Love, but not the kind of love man is teaching to other men.  To love God is a simple thing.  It is combined with obedience, trust; and God Himself gave every man The Rules to live by, one by one.

Man says, ‘I cannot understand The Rules that God did give.’ God says, ‘They are simple for every man who lives.’ God says, ‘Do not have strange gods before Me.’ There is nothing complicated in this, for you see, men make gods out of many things:  some, material ways; some, the senses in all ways.  Some say, ‘I need certain things; I need acclaim.’ And God says: ‘What is your aim?  for to stand before Me, you need not be famous in the way of man.  I will Judge you on your love, on your service, on the fruits of your way.’

So, you see, My children, These Words come to you today through a Saint Who delivers Them through a child who walks the simple way.  Do not let your minds become so twisted that they cannot see, they cannot feel, the simplicity of the Cross that was very real.  One of the most important prayers that God loves to have a child say is the one you begin many prayers with, and should begin your day: ‘In the Name of The Father and of The Son and of The Holy Ghost.’ You say many things when you make this Sign, and when you say the words, you say you believe in The Divine.  Simple, it is true, and yes, It was given for each of you.

I bless you with that Sign, I bless you from The Divine, and I say: ‘Keep your love for God simple.  Keep your love for God as a child.’  So be it.”

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