ON SEPTEMBER 13, 1972 AT 11:04 AM


“My beloved children, It was I Who walked the path originally.  It was I Who gave My Physical Life for the Purpose The Father had for everyone.  It was I Who knelt to Him and said, ‘Please have this chalice pass.’ It was I Who spent thirty years in preparation for the last.  It was I Who spoke to children such as I do now, teaching them the Will of The Father.  It was I Who hung upon the Cross for you, for all the children.

It was I Who spoke firmly, understandingly, and with Wisdom, to the men who walked with Me on Calvary.  It was I Who radiated God’s Love.  It was I Who stood and said, ‘You must listen to Me now, for some day I will leave you in the world and I will go on ahead.’ And the men who walked with Me, the Apostles as you know them to be, did not fully understand.  And sometimes, when I would finish speaking, they would feel the Wisdom of My Way, they would know that What they had learned was Special that day, and then they would go on living as men.  I wanted it that way.

There were so many things and so many times, in the walking of the path, that were never recorded in any manner, with any means.  And through This Miracle of Hope, I am telling them to you at different times.

Oh, My children, I did not walk the path of suffering for Me alone.  I walked it for every man that would be born to the world.  I walked it because it was The Father’s Love.  I walked it in obedience, and sometimes on this path I would say to Him: ‘If You had not given Me time to prepare, I’m afraid, God, I would run away, for as they abused Me, the pain is so great, and the only thing that sustains Me is, Your Will must be done today.’

So please, My children, as you walk, keep in mind every moment of the day, The Commandments that He gave to give you strength, to give you wisdom, to help you be a Saint.

I speak through this child and to you it appears natural.  How else could you stand My Words?  How could you listen to the Teaching if I appeared in front of her?  You would be so overcome with this Vision you would not be able to listen.  So that is why a child was chosen, small in stature, so you could listen.  There are so many evil things going on in your world today, and I say, ‘It is worse than Sodom and Gomorrah was in their day.’ So on this soil, Blessed by Us, All Hope is written, All Faith must be given.

I bless you with My Heart, the same Heart I gave one day to give you life, to teach you how to pray, and I bless you with Light, the Light of the Wisdom Way.

I send the child now to the little ones, for they, too, need My Light.  For some of them the path is long.  For some of them the path is short.  Whichever it may be, they will need My Light to give them strength, to give them Hope to come Here to Eternity.  So be it.”

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