ON SEPTEMBER 14, 1972 AT 7:50 PM


“My beloved children, I, your Father, speak in a manner unusual to you but in a way you can understand because it is My Love for you.  I will hold the child soon in My Power in a strong way.  You will not understand, but nonetheless, it is My Sign, My Truth, My Love, My Wisdom for each of you.

Many children pray.  They do it in an obvious way.  Many men do not believe that I would be humble, that I would speak through a child such as you.  Man cannot make My Decisions nor can man reason My Way.  Man is My Creation.  I am The Creator of All Things. This child whom I use stands before you in My Way.

At all Great Times in History I acted in a humble way.  When I sent My Own Son upon the earth, I placed Him in a humble setting.  He was born to the world in a humble manner.  Would this then not say to you I would act this way?  The path that This Particular Family took was one of Humility, one of Service to Me, one of Obedience.  I could have made Them great personages.  I could have given Them human royalty, but this is not My Way.  When the time came for My Own Son to choose men, I directed Him to every one.  I chose men from walks of life that others would not have chosen.

I speak slowly through this child so you will absorb What I say.  I want you to remember It for all your physical days.

I chose, through My Son, men whom I knew would pass on to you the Truth of the Way.  I gave you many examples through them:  perfect love, John’s way; perfect service, others’ way; deceit, another way; and many showed weakness in the physical way.  I did all these things for you.  When the time came for My Very Own Son to stand alone, men were too frightened, men were not humble enough to stand with Him.

My children, humility is strength.  He showed this all the way.  Man’s description of humility makes it look weak.  Man’s description of how I would act makes My Way sad, makes Me intolerant of many things.

I come to the world now to give all men My Love, My Way, and through this child I express certain Words many times.  I have given many Lessons in humility, in obedience and in trust.  Tonight, I beseech you; I, your Father, ask you; I, your Father, your Creator, come to you, through a child such as you, to ask you to become a Saint.  It is not impossible.  It is up to you.

My sons, I now speak to you as only a Heavenly Father can do.  In your vocations, different in way, you are exposed to many things, satan’s way.  I ask you to keep in mind the Lesson I taught on this night for all mankind:  humility, it will lead you to Here; obedience to My Commandments, for through this obedience you will grow in humility, and I say, ‘Trust solely in My Way.’

This child through whom I speak is all I need to express My Love to the whole world.  In loving Me there is no language barrier; children do not have to speak other tongues.  The greatest lesson in My Way is to be example every day.  If you are example, you will lead all men to truth.  Keep this in mind.  My Power is so Great, My little children, I do not have to have man be great to show Me, to show My Way.  I proved this one day when I chose a certain Man, a certain Woman, to walk with My Son in the human way.

Men say, ‘It cannot be that God would choose a child to walk so simply.’ My, man judges how I would be.  If, at the time that The Beloved Holy Family — as you call Them — walked the earth, how many a man, how many women would agree that They were chosen by Me to walk this Special Road?  I give you a figure now:  None; for you see, then too, man was looking to the stars, man was looking for great prophecy.  Man was looking for signs.  Man was looking for what would please him.

I, your Father, speak through a small instrument, as I did a long time ago.  My Power is so Great, and through her It does show.  I could name many times, many places, that only humility was seen.  You are aware of some of them.  My children, do not stand in judgment, but let My Rays, My Love, shine through each of thee.  As I use this little instrument for certain things, for many things, I desire to use you for other things:  to spread My Love, to teach My Way, to express humility to all men in your day.  Let the beat of your heart beat only for Me.  Let each step you take be My Way, to Eternity.

Keep These Words in mind.  Keep the Lesson before your eyes, and teach It My Way.  Add these words to all whom you meet:  self-discipline.  It was self-discipline that allowed My Son to stand up to the men, one by one, and through self-discipline, humility showed; through humility, obedience was seen, and do not forget to add, trust in Me.

I release the child slowly, and while I do this I bless you with My Love.  I created each of you.”

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