ON SEPTEMBER 15, 1972 AT 7:58 PM



There are Three Saints gathering by a huge table.  The table is not varnished, but it’s white, very smooth.  The One Saint says, “Go ahead, say My Name,” and of course, It’s Saint Teresa of Avila.  She’s smiling.  She says I could tell you what She said one time.

One time She came in very quickly and She said, “Go to Saint Joseph, ask Him where you should be and at what time.  So be it.” And, I didn’t know where to go.  And when She left I said, “You forgot to tell me where to go.” She said, “Ask Him.” I never would have lasted in one of Her convents.  She’s beaming.  I wish you could all see Her.  She’s beaming.  Oh my!

Saint Catherine of Laboure; Saint Catherine of Siena, strong, firm.  When They’re smiling, I smile.  It’s a reaction.  It’s not a reaction to Them but from Them.

They stand at this great table and suddenly there are rows of books, all in piles along the table.  Saint Teresa removes one of the piles, and now another one, and now another one, and now another one.  The table is clear.  Oh, She is so full of Love for God.

8:02 P.M.


“My beloved children, I speak through this child and I say to you on this night, ‘The knowledge man depends upon has its place, and in many ways is right, but it is best for man to depend solely upon God for all things and to feel only His Divine Light.’ Some men say, ‘I have much talent in the world; it would be disgraceful for me to pass it away, to cast it aside, to not use it.’ God does not say do not use the talents, the mind that He gave you, but He does say, do not place so much emphasis on it that you forget to walk His Way.

Right now, in the world there are so many children placing much emphasis on their intelligence and they are casting aside Faith.  Faith, My little ones, is important to life.  Faith has many facets.  Faith says obedience.  Faith says trust.  Faith says truth.  Faith says wisdom.  Faith says, ‘I am a must.’ So you see, My little ones, as I cast aside the books Here in the Heavens Where I am, I say to you, ‘Have Faith in where I put them.’  So be it.”


Saint Catherine of Siena is smiling at Saint Teresa.  She nods at me like this.  She has on a gray garment and it has a very large sash underneath.  The sash is evident to me because the sash seems to have lettering on it.  Oh my! She puts it aside so I can see.  The lettering is red; it’s about this high and it says MARTYRDOM.  And now she turns it over.  Oh my! It says FAITH on it.  The other side says WISDOM and the other side says OBEDIENCE.

8:05 P.M.


“My children, I need no longer carry These Words with Me Here in the Heavens, but I give Them to you on this night to make you aware that They are important for Divine Light.  So many children are passing through the physical way, spending little time in learning about God’s Way.  So many children are depending upon others to lead them and they are all being led astray.  They are leaning on the weakness of man instead of the Beauty of God, the Truth He Is.

As I walked in the earth, I faced many men and I said to them, ‘You are wrong.’ And they would say to me, ‘How can you say that?’ And then I would give them the Wisdom that God taught me, and many times, it was the Wisdom alone that made them change their ways.  And there were some along the way who fought hard against me and yet they knew that I stood in Truth.  And so it is again in your day, My children. The child bears God’s Wisdom and Truth and so many men fear this Truth, for you see, for to accept this Truth they will have to become involved with God in a special way.

I, Saint Catherine of Siena, say, ‘I walk with this child also, in your day, and as Many of Us do, We wonder how children could be so blind not to see the Truth she is, not to see the Wisdom instead of just knowledge.’ All books have been taken from this child, for many reasons.

And now I say to you: ‘Be blessed by this time for you must remember the Words that were on My garment, for you must keep Them before you at all times, and you must begin to follow Them, for as you do you will grow in Sainthood, you will grow in God’s Love, and, believe Me, My children, you will enjoy the path, for it will give you a happiness you never knew before.  It will give you a strength, for with this path comes humility.’  So be it.”

8:08 P.M.


“My children, I went to The Mother today and asked Her to participate in This Miracle of your day.  The Radiance upon Her Face answered Me in Grace, and as I looked at the Countenance, the Beauty I behold was truly One Alone.  I experienced time with Her a long time ago, but this time I spend now seems to grow and grow.  I was eager to come forth tonight, because you see, the desire Here in the Heavens for children to better understand the Purpose of life, the way it must be, seems to grow and grow and grow.

The child is seeing More come into the Vision, so as I speak through her, she is captured by the Total Sight, the Great Light that is given her.  If she was not sustained by God, she could not bear what she does see.”

8:12 P.M.


There are Two Thousand Saints gathered at the request of The Holy Trinity.  I will name Some of Them as she sees Them:  Saint Cyprian, Saint Anastasia, Saint Agnes, Saint Philip, Saint Mark, Saint Joseph of Arimathea, Saint Paul, Saint Matthew, Saint Patrick.  Oh my! Saint Alphonsus Liguori, Saint Athanasius, Saint Augustine, Saint Mary Magdalene — More and More and More — Saint Pacian, Saint Tobias, Saint Elias, Saint Martha, Saint Anne, Saint Gregory.  Oh my! Saint James, Saint Frances Cabrini.  Saint Francis of Assisi, and He’s smiling.  Oh my! Saint Felicitas, Saint Robert Bellarmine, Saint Lucy, Saint Jude.  Oh my! Saint Therese, “The Little Flower”; She’s smiling and She dropped a rose.  She said, “For you, child.” My!

And now, above Them, comes a Great Light.  It’s Our Lord.  His garment is white, His Hair golden brown.  He’s smiling all around. “I ask you,” He says, “do you love Me?” Oh yes, I love You. “I know.  Many times, My child, to show great love, humility must be shown.  Be sure that all children who touch you grow in love with Me forevermore.”

8:17 P.M.


“I bless the world through this child.  I bless those who accept the physical as worthwhile.  I bless the little ones who must be taught.  I bless the sick, I walked the road.  I bless those who fear loving Me; they fear criticism.  Please, My children, feel free to love Me according to My Will.  Through the child’s eyes, I bless you.  Through her heart, I touch you.  Through her will that is Mine, I want yours, so you will all one day join Me in The Divine.

I leave the Vision but I have given you firsthand My Love, through a child as man, and through her I intend to show the world My Father, when I was Man.  Let It be known, let It be heard, let It be seen:  My Will, My Word.  So be it.”

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