ON SEPTEMBER 17, 1972 AT 10:56 AM


“My beloved children, I speak this way to gather your attention My way.  I am Saint Columbkille.  Many children have not heard My Name but through This Miracle of Love, of Hope, of Truth, I have spoken often so children would begin to understand that Many Names, Many Saints are Here in the Heavens Where I am.  Children quote My Remarks through this child.  Children like to hear My Name.  They enjoy the different sound it gives to the ears of them in their day.

I speak through this child and I say: ‘Be aware totally of God’s Way.  Do not let other men tempt you, guide you, or draw you away, or detain you from God’s Will any day.’ All Love, God’s Way, could be given to you now, but there would be no earning Grace, for you see, It would be there direct from Him.  The privilege of the physical way is far more than you see, you comprehend, you understand, you believe.  But it is true, My children, to walk the physical road is a privilege, one alone, for through this path you will grow in Grace, grow in love for God, service to Him, and be a Saint.

He says to each child born, ‘Keep in mind, the will I gave at the moment of conception.’ Man says, ‘I use my will, God’s Way.’ God says: ‘No, child, you do not, for you do not obey.  You lack self-discipline, My Way.’ So at the day when Judgment will be made, children will have to say how they spent their will each day, how they served in little ways, for keep in mind, My children, no one in the world in the physical way, can serve God in a grand way; all are little ways, all are little gifts to Him.

When this Great Hill is reached to the completion, to the goal God Decrees, God Wills, no man will be able to stand at the top and say: ‘I built this Hill my way.  I did this, I did that,’ but man will be able to say, ‘I participated in this love for God some day.’

And I, Saint Columbkille, say, ‘No coward can build this Hill God’s Way.’ Ask yourselves today:  Are you a coward?  Are you afraid?  Are you weak?  If you are, pray, for you see, God is seeking men all over the world to participate in this act of love to Him.  Talents He gave.  Knowledge He gave.  Wisdom He Was.

I bless you from Heaven Where I am and I say, ‘Are you willing to do God’s Will today?’  So be it.”

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