ON SEPTEMBER 17, 1972 AT 11:08 AM


Oh my! I will tell you what I see.  Our Lord is standing on a hill, and around Him there are many children.  One child is straying off, walking into the trees.  Our Lord’s not calling him.  The child is going farther and farther and farther.  Our Lord has seen him but He’s waiting.


“My beloved children, I am aware of the child who strays.  I am aware of those who cling.  I am aware of the need of the child who strays.  But I ask you on this day: ‘Would it be wise for Me to neglect those who cling, to walk out after one who wants attention, wholly?  Would it not be wise to organize all the children close to Me and We make the search together?  For, you see, to follow that one child would give insecurity to those who cling.’

And so it is through This Miracle of Love, of Hope, of Truth, I ask children to gather in unity, to accomplish all the things:  first, to help the Souls of each other by teaching, through example, love for Me.  I warn you in some ways:  If one child goes out to catch the lost, when the enemy has the child, the enemy will lead the one who searches into briar patches he sometimes cannot see.  And that is why I say on this day, to children gathered to hear Our Words, Our Love: ‘Do not walk into the briar patches.  You are not strong enough; but, as you gather in unity, you stand in strength.  And those who stand wanting attention, must learn from you the beauty of strength, the hope it is.’

I have taught you a Great Lesson on this day.  Absorb It and follow It, and be sure that you pray.

I say to you, ‘Those who desire attention are a sadness to Here.’ There are many children now following a heresy that gives them attention and acclaim when they gather in My Name.  This heresy has a name:  Pentecostalism.  It is truly children walking away from clinging to My Way.  They are seeking power on their own, attention on their own, and they are so anxious to draw others to them.  There are so many children being led by them, thinking they are going out to help them.

I speak through this child.  I am The Sacred Heart.  I gave My Heart one day for all men, and now I come in a different manner and I extend My Heart to everyone.  I did not die in the physical for just the time in which I lived.  The suffering that was Mine was for all men, and every blow I felt, every thorn that went into My Head, I felt forty times the pain that any man could withstand.  Man says, ‘Do not show Him in the True Suffering that He had.’ I say to the world now, ‘How else can they know that it was so bad?’ So few children are asked to suffer, in a small way, these things, because The Father knows no child could stand such agony unless the love for Him was so deep, so great.

I show the child now the thorns that went into My Head and I ask her to tell you.”


Oh, my God, they’re horrible.  It would not be worthwhile for anything on earth, to push it more into His Head.  Oh, my God!


“And now I say to each man here, ‘Why do you not want to see the Truth?’ If others blind you from it, you must seek it for yourself.  As the crown was pushed into My Head and the blows were a torment no man could stand, understand, My children, it was done for you, and now I come to the world to let you know the Truth.

The Son, Who was My earthly Father, is to stand upon this Hill, not in the suffering like Mine, but in Glory for obeying The Divine, for through His Glory, through His Way, many men will understand the Purpose of life.

I have said many things to you today.  I warned you of the briar patch that a weak child could lead you into.  I warned you of a heresy you are surrounded by.  I told you of My Suffering, and why.  And then I did announce to you the Purpose of This Hill, the Purpose of This Miracle.  All Heaven uses this here child to transmit the Lessons that are so worthwhile.  And when you leave this place today, I do not hand you a crown but I hand you Hope, I hand you a Goal, I hand you My Heart, for through My Heart, My Love will give you strength, will give you the Light for purity.  It will teach you self-discipline and It will give you hope.

I bless you with the Wounds I suffered, with the Agony that was dealt by man, with My Heart that was pierced with a spear.  It was God’s Will it be directed to Here.  So be it.”

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