ON SEPTEMBER 24, 1972 AT 1:38 PM


“My beloved children, I am Saint Teresa of Avila, and I come through this child with courage, and I say, ‘I, too, walked the land in a particular way, and there were many times that I, too, had to stand up for what I knew was correct, what was right, what was Truth.’ And so it is on this day when much hazard comes this child’s way, she must stand in Truth, for it is the Will of God every day.

Do not blind yourself to what is right, what is truth, but open your eyes.  Take the blinders off of you, and face all things around you.  There are many heresies nagging at you, picking at you, and trying to take you off the path where God wants you to be.

One of the main heresies in the world is Pentecostalism, and believe Me, My children, it is a heresy. This child must stand in the world for God, one alone, for The Holy Trinity, and say to every man who stands, whether he stand in a religious way, whether he stand in what you term a ‘lay’ way, that Pentecostalism is heresy and it must be wiped out, it must be cleansed away before it drags all men down to the pits of Hell in every day, for all eternity.

So as this child stands against a heresy, there are seven in number, the first one to be attacked by her is Pentecostalism.

I, Saint Teresa of Avila, say, ‘When you leave this Holy Ground today, look to your heart, look to your mind, and look to your way, and if you are involved in the heresy of your day, walk away from it before it swallows you up and drives you to Hell in every way.’

There are many men walking around and they say, ‘I stand for satan.’ They think it is funny.  They think it is great.  They think it is of your day.  I say to you now, ‘Satan is in your day, but that is no sign the children have to walk in his way.’ This is another heresy, a great one, My children, and yet Pentecostalism is higher than this.  So be it.”

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