ON SEPTEMBER 24, 1972 AT 1:41 PM


“I, Saint Catherine of Siena, speak through this child with firmness and with Truth, and I say to you, ‘All the Words spoken thus far have been for each of you.’ And as she stands firm on the Ground of Love for God, I say to you, ‘I, too, had to face many men of the Hierarchy and I, too, had to stand in Truth and I, too, had to tell them what was correct for each of them.’ So you see, this child now stands in your day for The Holy Trinity, to do the same thing.

It is true, there are many heresies walking around in your day, and it is true there are so many children ready to say, ‘But I stand in what I know is truth, what I feel is correct and what I know is good for me.’ Oh, My children, keep in mind that what is good for you is only The Divine, and what is really the Truth for all men is The Holy Trinity.  And this is what you must begin each day with: ‘In the Name of The Father and of The Son and of The Holy Ghost.  Amen,’ for as you do this, satan cannot stay around, for he detests The Father; for he is jealous of Him, envious of Him, and he hates Him.

Oh, My children, be aware that this child stands on firm ground, on true ground, and you who are evil must walk away.  So be it.”

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