ON SEPTEMBER 29, 1972 AT 8:07 PM


“My beloved children, I am Saint Anne. This child through whom I speak walks in the human way, not meek, but doing the Will of The Father in the human way.  And yet, if men of knowledge truly looked into It, they would have to admit It is of Divine Way.

There are so many children who must come to This Miracle of Love, of Hope, of Truth, designed by The Father for everyone.  I have often spoken of Myself as your Heavenly Grandmother and this is how I come to you on this night, as your Heavenly Grandmother.

Many times, in the home in which We lived a long time ago, the Daughter of mine Whom many of you pray to, often sat close to me, listening to the stories of Our day, Our way.  And when I would inject loving The Father Who made all things, She would look into my eyes and say, ‘Oh Mother, He must be Beautiful; how much He loves Us to give Us this life in the physical way.’ Yes, it is true, I would look at Her and say, ‘Oh Mary, You do love Him and You must love Him more, for I feel there are many things yet for You to do.’

And so, as We would speak, mother to Daughter, and Daughter to mother, We would have a love that was different, different perhaps because it was a closeness.  All mothers should feel that their children are God’s Light.  All children should feel that the mother and the father are God’s Light.

There are so many things happening in your world today.  I have often spoken to The Father and said, ‘Let Me return so I can teach them Your Way,’ and He but smiles at Me and says, ‘Anne, that is not the way, but You are such a loving Grandmother I understand what You say.’ Then I turn to My Daughter, Who stands as The Heavenly Queen, and I say, ‘Daughter, You speak to The King.’ She says, ‘Mother, obey,’ and I turn and I say, ‘Thy Will, My God, every day.’  So be it.”

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