ON SEPTEMBER 29, 1972 AT 8:12 PM



I will tell you what I see.  I see a mound, and I say “mound” because it is about this big from the floor, of emeralds; and I see a mound of rubies the same size, and I see a mound of sapphires back here.  And I see a rainbow of diamonds enveloping the whole thing, and there are layers and layers and layers and layers and layers and layers and layers and layers and layers and layers of diamonds.

Oh my! Our Lady is standing above the emeralds in a green gown.  I have seen Her this way before.  The gown is appearing — it’s almost as if it’s highlighted by the facets of the emeralds.  She’s beaming.  Her Skin, as I see it, is as a delicate peach, and yet it’s very white, highlighted with peach.

There is a Crown upon Her Head.  I see with the Eyes of my Soul.  The Crown upon Her Head is all emeralds but they are cut in such a way that it’s almost as if they appear as diamonds, but they’re not; they’re emeralds.  She is beaming.  She just said to me, “Child, if I allowed you to feel the Full Magnitude of this Vision, you would die in the physical.”

Saint Joseph just appeared on top of the mound of rubies.  Have you ever seen a father look at his child in a proud, possessive, loving, giving way, and yet firm?  That’s Saint Joseph.  There’s a Crown of rubies on His Head and the Crown is different than Our Lady’s.  His is more masculine, but it seems so much heavier.  He’s smiling, He says, because I just don’t describe things easy.

On the mound of sapphires is Saint Michael — little, but He adds a note of lightness in His strength; so as He is standing, He is smaller than They.  Saint Joseph looks at Him and smiles.  And Our Lady says, “The Protector, all the way.”

Oh, I wish the whole world could see It.  Oh my! Our Lord is appearing above the diamonds and He is radiant.  Oh, my God! The diamonds are the Souls to be saved through The Miracle Of Saint Joseph.  The diamonds are multiplying by the millions.  Oh, my God! Everything is diamonds.


“My children, the Vision, as It is explained to you by this small child, in reality, is of a Magnitude no man could describe with the physical eye.  The meaning is profound, the description quite involved; the purpose, to teach you the Generosity, the Love, the Unity, the Beauty of Heaven.

The diamonds are shown to give you an idea how Souls radiate purity.  The emeralds are shown to give hope.  The rubies are a sign of sacrifice, a sign of penance; the sapphire, a sign of calmness, a sign of strength, having a beauty all their own.

One day, a long time ago, a Vision sent to the world, such as This, would have been equal in Magnitude, but the world was not ready for This.  It is sent to you now for you must join forces to fight the enemy.  He uses many weak children to cause desecration to Me, and I ask you, My children, on this night, to form an army of Truth, an army of Light, bearing the jewels such as these; first, with the Soul in mind, then with hope, then with obedience, then with calmness and strength.

This child is an instrument of Mine to teach you and all mankind the Purpose of life, the Generosity of God, and the simple way to be a Saint.  Those who come down upon her because of man-made rules, best look at My Rules in their life, for you see, The Father’s Rules are the Most Important Rules and all men must agree.

I have no intention of stopping This Miracle at the command of man.  It has been placed in the world to give man strength.  I am The Decider of all things in This Miracle, and I command the child each day to obey Me.  Foolish men are running around saying that The Father does not command a child to do His Will.  These are falsehoods, for you see, I have this child completely, and that is why those of you who are close to her find a strength within her you truly can see; and this is the strength that will build the Hill of Hope for Me.

I want the diamonds to increase, for when they do, this means Souls are coming to Me.  I want the mound of emeralds to grow to such a height that the child will not see over them, for when this occurs, hope will be throughout the world.  I want the mound of rubies to become so high that this too will, in their way, reach the sky, for I want children to sacrifice for Me; I want children to give of themselves and to desire to serve only Me.  I want the sapphires to grow to a height just as the others do, for when this occurs satan will be diminished.

Oh, My children, tranquillity, peace, calmness, strength, humility, is the key.  Persevere in what you know is right.  Do not waste time on chastising yourself but turn and do it right.

And as I use the Power through this child, unknown to mankind, I say through This Miracle of Hope, different than any Miracle that has ever come to the world in any day, ‘It is to give Heavenly Light, Heavenly Strength, Purpose, and that is, to be a Saint.’

Many men mock this child.  They call her names.  They whisper obscene things and some try to make great claims, but the more they do, the stronger she becomes in My Way, for I grant her the Grace to stand totally for Me in your day.

And as I take her from this place on this night, I take her with My Love, but I leave you a Light; and the Light is to follow in the path of serving Me.  The Light is to give you the strength to want to serve Me.  I bless you with My Light.  I bless you with My Heart.  I bless you with the Jewels, for you see, the Jewels are My Love for each of thee.”

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