ON OCTOBER 1, 1972 AT 1:56 PM


“Before I take the child to the small ones of new birth, I will speak to you, My children, with Great Worth.

Men are denying that It is I Who uses this child openly, to teach My Will to the world.  I, your Father, say now, ‘How can you be sure you judge wisely, truthfully, honestly, in favor of Me?’

I have always been the Greatest Example to man of humility.  In the very creation of the world, all facets of it, it was humility.  In the creation of man to My Image and Likeness, it was humility.  In the offering of My Son so that all children would come to be with Me for All Eternity, it was humility.  The Beloved People Who walked with Him upon the earth, walked in humility, never shouting out what They knew, what They felt; only walking in obedience, only desiring to love the way I Willed it to be.

And now I shout from the Heavens Where I am, ‘Who are you to judge My Way?  Who are you to say I lacked humility all through time?’

It was a humble man who stood before others, obedient to My Will, ready to serve, but sometimes wanting desperately to run away from Me, and the bond became so great the child could not walk away, even though the child desired it to be.  I have used many men, I have used many women, to give My Love, to extend My Hand.  I have never chosen a coward, but I have chosen the physically weak to show My Power.

When man says, ‘I love You, God,’ I am happy to hear this.  I do not stand and say, ‘What type of love?’ but I accept it in a grand way, hoping it will grow to such a degree that the child will never turn away from Me.

I take you back now to the Passion Way and I say to you: ‘Would you be one of the ones who flogged My Son, gave Him vinegar to drink?  Would you stand in such righteousness, in such self-love, and not see the humility that He did reek?’

And so it is again today.  Who are you to decide how I would act and what degree of humility I would request from a child?  I, your Father, speak today through a mere creation of Mine, and I say: ‘Do not judge.  I will, one day.  Do not profess to love Me, but confess, so you can love Me.  Do not subject yourself totally to your own will, but depend upon Mine to help you.  Do not lean on knowledge or petty personality, but seek the Wisdom, seek the Truth and seek Humility.’

It was I, your Father, Who gave you The Commandments to live by.  Ask yourself on this day, did you comply or did you cast Them aside to give only your self-righteousness, justice, pride?  The Commandments are no longer needed in the Heavens Here, but I, your Father say, ‘It is The Heavenly Mother’s Will, Love, that makes the Beads repeated often Here; and every child who kneels upon the earth to say the Beads of Love in any way, Our Lady looks to Others Here and says, “Pray with the child, for it will double the Power and the Grace, and it will give the child strength needed.”’

All men, I say to you: ‘Woe be the one who stands in the way of This Miracle.  Woe be the man who says this child does not stand in Truth.  I will deal with him firsthand.’ I have said this before; I say it again.  I created this land, I created man, and now I am requesting that this land be returned to Me to teach children of all colors, all races, all creeds, My Way, My Love for All Eternity.

When Pilate washed his hands, it was weakness.  How many of you here would wash your hands today?  So many times this child must stand, not willingly; it is done out of love for Me.

I bless you with My Light, I bless you with My Love.  And as I take her to the little ones, I say, ‘As you pray the Beads today, Many Here in Heaven will join with you in every way, in every word, in every thought.’

My Power is Far Greater than any man, My Love Supreme, My Humility the Greatest, and that is why you must imitate Me.  I bless you; that is all that is needed to give you the strength.  So be it.”

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