ON OCTOBER 11, 1972 AT 10:56 AM


“I, too, stand in a Vision of this child, and as I do, I bless each of you with a Love you cannot know, in a manner of littleness, for I walked the little road to Holiness.  I am Saint Therese, and most of you call Me ‘The Little Flower’, because you have read where I walked each day in a little way.  I come to you on this day to offer you the path of ‘The Little Way’ and the desire to follow it.

There are so many children present here now who want to be a Saint, who desire it firsthand; because, you see, through The Miracle of The Beloved One, you have learned it is not impossible for thee.  And I, Saint Therese say, ‘You do not have to read great books, you do not have to say lengthy prayers, but make every little act you do, every little word you say, be one for God in your way.’

Right now, there are children kneeling and praying, and saying, ‘Let me meditate a great way, and this is how I will join with God in a special way, a special means.’ And The Father says: ‘Therese, go to them and tell them that prayer is many things.  Also, tell them of the way of purity and what it will bring.’

So, as I speak to you from the Realm of Heaven, I say: ‘Be conscious of purity every day, be conscious of its need, be conscious of what it will give to you one day:  total security; for, you see, the privilege of Purgatory was to purify.’ And so many men now, knowing of the way, can begin the physical road by purifying the way.  It is not an impossible task in your day, for it was not in any other day.  Man says, ‘But others tempt me,’ and God says, ‘Grow so strong in obedience to Me, grow so strong in love with Me, that you will purify yourself in obedience to Me.’

Great Examples have been set down by Those Who have come before:  The Heavenly Mother, The Beloved Saint Joseph, and Others; but most people are too busy to see the Beauty of purity.  They become so involved in absorbing what is around, attaching themselves to others on the ground, that they cannot feel the need for purity.  Right now, in the time in which you live, you live in a time worse than Sodom and Gomorrah, and yet God is handing you the Way to Him.

I bless you in a little way.  I bless you with His Love and I say, ‘The Cross that He hung upon was not of a size so large, but one on which His Body fit perfectly.’  So be it.”

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