ON OCTOBER 11, 1972 AT 11:06 AM


“Many men seek knowledge from books.  They cling to it and they let the knowledge lead them.  So few men have the ability to sift truth from the knowledge they have read.  Right now, My children, in the world there are many, many volumes written against The Beloved Holy Trinity.  This is disrespectful to Him.  Also, there are many books written in favor of the evil one, in favor of his way.  I ask you on this day, ‘Do you read them?’ So many words are written in the languages of all men, giving not hope, but sin.

There are so many children running around, saying, ‘I hold on to the real words.’ They have in their hand, the Bible.  I say to you now, and to them, ‘The interpretation of this Great Book is important to every man.’

I walk in the Heavens; once I walked upon the earth.  I walk Here, not alone, but with God and with Others Who walked the earth, and I say, as I stand Here today: ‘Be sure that you learn to sift what you read in your day.  Let all the words that fall into your mind be beneficial to your Soul, for This is the Part of you that must return to The Divine.’

Those Here with Me say, ‘Bless the children, Saint Augustine, and tell them of God’s Love today.’  So be it.”

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