ON OCTOBER 11, 1972 AT 12:17 PM


“My beloved children, I am The One Who freed you.  I am The One Who gave you Light.  I am The One Who showed you trust.  I am The One Who taught the world humility.  I am The One Who gave My Heart.  I am The One Whom you should trust, for you see, I am The Son of The Father, I am The Second One of The Holy Trinity.

The Power with which I reach you is One Alone.  The power that man uses to do things upon the earth is not a power as This One is, but all things upon the earth have a parallel Power in the Heavens:  the power to love, the power of light, the power to learn.  In Heaven, it is Wisdom; in Heaven, it is Divine Light; and in Heaven, it is Divine Love.

You, My little ones, have been given the privilege to live a physical form to give you the opportunity to one day spend Eternity with Us.  So few men are teaching Our Way.  They are relating all things to man in a physical way.  The power of human creation came from The Father; the Design by He, Himself.  As the seed is the beginning of God’s Greatest Love — man, through this child, Seeds are strewn throughout the world.  These Seeds are Words.  These Seeds are Ours.  These Seeds can determine; determine many things.

The Light is getting brighter for the child and she wants to leave you and come with Me for awhile; but, as I say to her, ‘If I allow this to be, the Will of The Father will not be done,’ so I cannot let it be.  No child has ever been asked to walk in such an obvious way, in such openness, as this one in your day.  The soil you stand upon was created by The Father.  The Blessing came from Him when the child respected and responded to His Will for the world of men.

I say to you now, ‘So few men know the power of humility nor the Grace that makes it grow.’ Divine Will, Divine Love, Divine Way, must be made known to man today and every day.  And children must begin to understand and realize that to submit oneself totally, means to live a physical life, means to learn to understand how to purify oneself as man.  The Goal of the physical must be Sainthood for everyone.  The Purpose of the physical is to be a Saint, to one day walk Here, Where I am.  No trickery from Us, no facades needed; only solid truth, solid love, solid way, should be heeded.

Children must be taught to look for what The Father Wills.  Children must be example.  Children must be given The Father’s Will, The Father’s Way, The Father’s Commandments, every day.  Let no man take These Commandments and analyze Them for the good he determines, but let all men see These Words as They truly were given to One, one day.  Man is so quick to make excuses for other men, to analyze, to criticize, to change according to his own plan.  Let the Words stand out in boldness.  Let the meaning of each one be told and let the world begin to know These Rules are needed.  I give you but a few, and of course, these will be familiar to you:

‘Let no man have strange gods before Me.’ Ask yourself on this day, what do you place before The Father:  your personal needs, your personal desires, your personal love, your personal way?  This could be termed ‘a false god’, you know.  Let it be stripped away.

A special day set aside to be given to The Father has been diminished in many ways, and I say to you on this day, ‘Let it come about again, that this day be held high in man’s way, with dignity and integrity, with purpose, and devout.’ Oh, My children, let it be known that this day that The Father said should be set aside for Him alone, be done just that way, and do not make excuses for it to be done another way.

‘Honor Thy Father And Thy Mother.’ What has happened to These Words?  What has happened to the meaning?  Children are not doing it.  I beg of you, make These Words sound throughout the world, and make the meaning clear that all children of all ages honor the earthly ones and hold them dear, for how can a child honor the earthly parents, the earthly ones, if they are not taught by you?  And if they do not honor the earthly ones, they certainly will not honor The Heavenly Ones.  Hold this dear.

The child wants to leave you and she says, ‘I want no more Words to come out.’ And I say to her, ‘Why?’ ‘Because, God, they do not listen.’

‘Thou Shalt Not Steal.’ Man says that this means, ‘I take from another,’ and God says: ‘How many have you robbed of dignity today?  How many have you stolen time from that could have been used in prayer?  How many children were denied The Sacrament of Love, The Ultimate Gift from God, because someone said, “There is not time; there is no need”?’ Oh, My children, I could go on and on.

I hold the child closer to Me, but in the holding, she succumbs to My Will totally and says, ‘Thy Will, my God, not mine.’

You have been Blessed on this day many times.  You have been given Light, Divine.  You have been taught to hold the Hand of God.  Do it with love.

I will release the child slowly.  It will take her hours to return, for the Power was so Great It had to be released.  I bless you with Truth and I bless you with My Heart.  I bless you with Hope.  So be it.”

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