ON OCTOBER 18, 1972 AT 11:01 AM


“Heaven has explained This Miracle as the Only One of Its Kind that has ever come to the world of mankind, except when The Son did walk the earth, for then He, too, spoke the Wisdom of The Father.  And many of the Things He said were direct from The Father, and that is why His Teachings, in some ways, were so Great, for The Father spoke direct, for He wanted all children to be Saints.

So, as the Words come through this child in an obvious way, keep in mind, Each One is directed by God in His Way.  Do not let jealousy and do not let envy rob you of strength, for when you do, you see, it will keep you from being a Saint.

Children are not being taught the Beauty of Sainthood.  Children are not being told the Way to Sainthood. ‘It is something,’ they say, ‘of the past.  It is something for others; it did not last.’ But I, in My way, say to you: ‘It is for your day.  It has never ended in the physical way, the privilege to be a Saint.’

The manner in which all children learn to be a Saint is to take the physical, strip yourself of pride, walk in humility, with God always by your side.  Learn to pray the little way.  Learn to gather Grace, for you see, as you store It up, It will bring you to His Side.  And when you stand There with Him, ready to give to Him all the things you gave upon the earth, you will glow as a Light, for as you stand in the physical, the Beauty of your Soul is a Light; and the more you serve The Father, the greater your Light will be.

Do not be so smug in your little way that you cannot see that the Other Part of you is the Truth God gave to each of thee, the Major Part you cannot see:  the Soul, the Light.  And what you do with the physical, how you act with it, in it, will cause the Light you carry with you to be dim or bright, and as you stand before The Father, you will stand in a definite Light.  And I, Saint Margaret Mary, say, ‘The heart you gave will determine the degree of Light that you will give to Him, when it is right.’

So many children say, ‘I know I have a Soul today,’ but what they do not know is that the Soul they have is the Part of them that will stand before The Father to be Judged.  And as it has been given through this child before, vocation of life can be similar to other men, but the Light when you stand before God will be different, for in the Light, it will show how much were truly for Him.

And many times, when I would waken in the night and I would say, ‘Oh, God, but I am tired,’ and He would show me His Heart — not written always in the books, for there was too much occurring at that time — and I would look upon His Heart and I would say, ‘But physically, I am tired.’ And He would say, ‘Gaze into the Light and tell Me how tired you are tonight.’ And sometimes I would see a Soul struggling, and as the Soul would struggle, I would give in to His Love and say, ‘I will remain awake until You say the Soul does come Your Way.’

And I remember, on one night, He showed me this Great Light and He said, ‘Margaret, I show you a Light and I ask you to stay awake with Me tonight.  Would you say “No” if the Light were yours?’ ‘Oh no, my God, I would be frightened.’ And He, in His Love for me, offered me the name of the Soul.  It was my enemy, and I begged Him at that time to give me the strength to have the courage to remain, out of love for Him, to help that Light.

So many men stand in doubt.  So many men stand around saying, ‘Why her, why not me?’ And I ask you on this day from the Heavens Where I am: ‘Would you comply with the request, or would you fade away?  Would you accept the Light in the heart so It would shine bright?’ Or, would you say: ‘Oh, God, take It away.  I do not have the time nor that much love to give.  I do not love my enemy like You do.  I know he will live, but You take it from there, God.  You are stronger than I’?

But I, Saint Margaret Mary, say: ‘Many times I was confronted with a Light you cannot know, with a Sight you cannot see, with a decision difficult for me.  And as I would kneel there, the longer I would kneel, the more I would see His Heart reveal more Souls to be helped, I realized the littleness of the physical life.’

So I say to you on this day of Light, for the Wisdom you have been told, given, taught, should help you better understand that the light in the world is only a facsimile of the Light that each Soul bears.

This child who stands before you, walks as I did walk.  She was chosen from the moment of conception.  She knew this a long time ago.  It was difficult, in many ways, to stand in the world and truly not be part of it, and yet, the waiting for this time was far more difficult than any man could know.  And as she stands here with you today, it is the culmination of many things.  It is the direct route to God, to help other men walk His Way.

I say to you, ‘Be aware of the Light you have around you, not the light that men say is “aura”, but the Light of your Soul, the Truth that It is and how It shines before Him.’

I bless you with God’s Love.  I bless you with The Heart that I saw so many times.  I bless you with the Light, for This is what you will carry first to The Divine.  So be it.”

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