ON OCTOBER 18, 1972 AT 11:38 AM


“I, The Son, give through this child now, a Vision never before shown.  She will describe It to you as I hand It to her.

There is water, there is land, there are men.  I am handing to the world a particular Bread.  And to each child who approaches Me, I say to them: ‘I hand you Part of Me.  I give you My Love.’ And the crowds do not end.  There is no man who can say he does not receive in the correct way, for the Power that I hand is far beyond the Gift of bread.

A man is walking forward, eager to receive, for he feels he is important to man.  I hand him the same Amount.  I hand him the same Love and I say to him, ‘Use It to the degree you can.’ The Light that surrounds Us now is far greater than it was, but the Magnitude of The Holy Eucharist never changes.

As I walked the earth, I taught to all children the same Words.  The Lessons were equal to each one.  It is what the child does with the Lesson, how he follows It, that determines the Reward of each one.

Right now, throughout the world, children are desecrating This Great Gift.  They are diminishing It, and they are trying, in many ways, to make It show Itself as It truly is.  Only I have the Power, for It is of Me.

And I say to you through this child, ‘I am The Second One of The Holy Trinity and woe be the man who tries to stop This Plan to draw children to Here Where I am.’ Man will strike out with weakness, jealousy, hate, envy, but no man will stop the Direction that this child must walk in, in God’s Plan.

The world will soon have to accept what This Miracle truly is and why It was given in the manner, in the way It was, to teach children of all colors, all races, all creeds, the Magnitude of Whom I Am.  It was to give children the Wisdom, the Light, the Way, the Direction that they must follow every day.

The stillness of the hour is your consciousness of My Plan.  It was Decreed a long time ago that a Favored Son, Who was My earthly Father, would once again come to the world in a Special Plan.  The Time is Now, the Moment is Here.

And, if it be known, no one in the world, no one in satan’s realm, suspected that The Father was preparing a woman, for you see, God is The Creator and the evil one is the imitator.  And in his small vision, he suspected it would be a man.

Through His coming, I also come, for as He walked with Me, I truly walk with Him again.  This time, the human being is a child such as thee, but nonetheless, the Magnitude is The Holy Trinity.

There are so many Lessons that have been taught, that will be taught.  And, My little ones, you touch upon but one facet of This Great Miracle for man.  Do not close your heart — this has been My plea to many children before thee — but look into My Heart and see what It reveals.  And I use your compassion, I use your love, I use your trust, your obedience; I use your desire to one day be Here with Me, to comply with My Will.  And you see what is in My Heart.  As the beloved Saint spoke to you, I opened It to her and I open It to each of thee.

I want, one day, millions to stand upon this Hill and receive Me.  I want millions to learn to desire to be a Saint.  I want children to learn The Commandments of The Father’s Way, and I want you, in the quiet of your physical life, to never let one day go by that you do not receive Me.  I want you to try to understand that the physical was given to every man as the means to Sainthood.

I want children to know how to pray simply, lovingly, not boisterously, not in long meditation where they lose sight of Me.  I want children to learn the Magnitude of The Holy Host.  I want children to see the Beauty and the Power in the prayer of the Holy Rosary.

I want children to strip themselves of pride, envy, ego.  I want children to replace these things with humility and eagerness to serve.  I want all men to better understand that they cannot love God last, but He must come first, before themselves and all men.

I want children who are great theologians to seek wisdom.  I want them to not guide all things by what they see in books, but to feel the wisdom in truth, the truth in wisdom, the love in wisdom, the magnitude of wisdom.

I want men to share in unity, but not the way that man proposes it to be, for man is diminishing the magnitude of unity.  Unity is in Truth for Me.  Men say, ‘We must become unified,’ and I say, ‘Unity in Truth.’

Do not accept the weakness of others, do not bend down to them, but draw them up to the Truth you know is right.  Do not lean on the weaknesses of what man calls ‘charismatic’.  It would be foolishness on My Part to hand out charismatic gifts.  Man, My children, the little ones, could not handle it.  I do not need power through crowds to show My Magnitude.  I have always chosen a small one.

And, if you will but remember, Those Who were chosen to walk with Me upon the earth were small, humble.  The Heavenly Mother, when She was approached by the Angel, knew it was Truth and said, ‘Let it be Your Will, God, not Mine.’ And when The Son was chosen to walk with Me, He cast aside His doubts, for He had greater trust in The Holy Trinity, the Love of all.  He had trust in The Divine, and that’s what it took to walk the way He walked.  He did not know what you know today, but it was His Sincerity, His Glow.

And now, as He stands Here in the Heavens, He is the Highest Saint Here.  And The Heavenly Mother stands oftentimes with Him and says, ‘Joseph, the time is now for You to become known throughout the world.’ And yet, He says, ‘Let God’s Will be done, My Heavenly Mother, not Mine.’

The reason that This Great Saint, for Whom this Great Hill is being done, was taken from the world at the time He was, was because of His Love for Me in the human form, His Love for The Woman He protected so honestly, openly.  And as He pleaded in the Heavens with The Father, in a Special Place where He was, The Father said, ‘Joseph, remember, He was My Son first.’ And these were the only Words that helped This Saint better understand He could not interfere with the Crucifixion Plan.

So, as I release this child, I say to each man, ‘Receive The Holy Eucharist, for you receive The Ultimate Gift of Heavenly Plan.’  So be it.”

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