ON OCTOBER 25, 1972 AT 11:31 AM


“My beloved children, I am Saint Martin de Porres.  I speak to you through this child and say: ‘You, too, be a broom for God each day.  Sweep out the miserable, sweep out the untruth, sweep out what is wrong and follow God in His Way, the Ten Commandments every day.  Clear the path with a visible broom; let it be your love for Him, showing to all whom you meet each day.’

I walked the earth in a very small way.  I stand Here in the Heavens each day, and I, in My little way, do what God Wills Me to do.  I help children such as you.  When God says, ‘Martin, go forward to a particular child in a particular way, the child needs help,’ I do.  The child does not see Me in a Spiritual Way, but I am on an errand for God and I act a particular way.

Children do not know the Value of The Saints Here, Where I am.  We, in Our Way, are servants of God in a special way.  When a child is in need, We go forward and help at God’s Will, as God decrees.  So, My little ones, do not omit Our Way, for one day you must come Here and be a Saint with Us one day.

The physical is a privilege to every man, for through the physical, you will walk Here, Where I am.  Man does not understand the physical Purpose.  It is, My children, to follow God’s Plan so that one day you will be a Saint Here, Where I am.  So many children omit Our Way from their physical way.  This is foolishness on their part, for they must know when the physical ends, a Greater Reward waits.

As I bless you, not with My broom but with the desire to be one, I say, ‘Follow God’s Will.’ Cleanse yourselves each day and look for purity in all ways, for purity will bring you This Way and you will not have to spend time in Purgatory for many days.  You see, Purgatory also is a privilege from God.  It is the preparation point to come Here one day.  Man is ignoring Purgatory.  Man says, ‘There is no Hell.’ This is not so, for to enter the Kingdom of Heaven, man must become purified, for you see, All Things Here are Purity.  All Things Here are God’s Way.  He is All Beauty, All Purity, and you must know this today.

I bless you with His Love.  I bless you with Trust and I say, ‘Walk the purity way.’  So be it.”

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