ON OCTOBER 25, 1972 AT 11:36 AM


“My children, I have seldom spoken through the child; in fact, such a small number of times that My Name was rarely given.  I am Lazarus.

This child with whom you are now, is truly an instrument of God; not a gifted one as man knows Gifts to be, but one in which she walks in total obedience to The Holy Trinity.  Let men mock her, ridicule her.  What difference does this be, what difference will it be to the Truth that is extended through her from The Holy Trinity?

When I walked the earth, many men doubted many things.  They were miserable in their doubts, much unhappiness surrounded them, and none of these men could feel the Beauty of Reward for the physical.

And now, in the time in which you live, you are rewarded in a small way.  Imagine what it will be when you stand facing The Holy Trinity?  I come from a time, from an era a long time ago, and yet you have all heard of Me.

I bless you with God’s Truth and I say, ‘Do not walk away but stand where you are, listen to Me, and be aware that I do talk to each of thee.’  So be it.”

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