ON OCTOBER 25, 1972 AT 11:39 AM


“My beloved children, I am your Heavenly Grandmother.  I know that through this child, it sounds so natural all the time.  How else could you withstand the Power God sends?

I, Saint Anne, say: ‘Look to the Heavenly Way.  Look to the manner in which We walked, as you, in the human way.’ We faced Our daily tasks.  We faced Our daily way.  We accepted Our lot in life, sometimes with a little fight, but nonetheless, We were aware that a Supreme Being created Us and that We had to go to Him one day, prepared or unprepared, ready to stand in Judgment.

Man, in his own thinking, says: ‘This One is a Saint; this One is not.  This One is a Saint; this One is not.’ I thank man today for saying I am a Saint, for you see, in this, it has drawn much attention to Me, and this draws children to The Holy Trinity.

Oh, My children, be aware of The Saints Here in Heaven Where I am.  Be conscious of what We must do to serve God.  We do not just stand around.  What good would a Grandmother be if She was no longer giving service to the children?

Oh, I say to you on this day, ‘Each of thee I love much, for you see, The Heavenly Mother you have was a physical Daughter to Me, and as We stand Here in the Heavens, She is My Mother also.’ And oftentimes, I look at Her and say, ‘Oh, Blessed Mother, help Me serve God more today.’ And when She looks at Me in a special way, She says: ‘Mother, Daughter, I love you.  It is difficult to refuse You anything.’ And it is Our Relationship Here in the Heavens.

So I say, ‘Pray, My children, to My Daughter, to My Mother, for all prayers sent to Me, I immediately present to Her, for you see, as We stand Here in the Heavens, sharing this Great Love, Divine Way, We shared a human love like yours in your day.’  So be it.”

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