ON OCTOBER 27, 1972 AT 8:08 PM


“The vision with the Soul is governed by God, and so, each of you here now, must leave on this night knowing that you have two sets of eyes:  One with perfect vision, one with physical vision.  And as you have two sets of eyes, you have two sets of ears:  One to hear the Will of God, and one to listen to the world so near.

So many children tune God out, tune only the world in, and this is the part of you that satan uses to reach, because you see, he cannot speak through your Soul.  Only God can do this.  The physical is the part of you that responds to what is wrong, untrue.  Of course, what you do with the physical reflects upon the Soul and causes the Soul to be in dimmer view.

So many times through this child, it has been explained to man that your Soul is a Light, and the more service that you give to God, the greater the Light becomes.  So I ask each child here tonight, to ask God to help you make the Light of your Soul the brightest possible for you, so when you stand before Him, He will say, ‘Oh my, the service that you gave brightened the Soul so much My Way.’ The simple Words, the simple Truth, no complicated way.

And I, Saint Augustine, say to you tonight: ‘Prepare for the Light that will be the One to stand before The Father one special day, and know that it is never too late to make this Light brighter with every act you do, with everything you say.  Offer it to Him in a very special way.’ And as you are example, there is Special Grace to this, for sometimes, to be example, it is much more difficult because it takes energy of man, sometimes great patience and, oh yes, obeying the Ten Commandments, which, for most men is difficult at best.

I bless you from the Heavens with a Light you cannot know and I am fully aware of the Light of every Soul.  God allows this to be so We Saints can help each of thee.  No man upon the earth knows the true work of The Saints.  Each day is filled with helping children throughout the world, so one day, when you come Here and you, too, light up This Way, you will work for God in a very special way.

You once again are Blessed in a way you cannot know, through an instrument of Love, through an instrument of Hope.  I bless you with a Great Truth and I say: ‘Those of you who are ill on this night, please pray.  Whether it be a physical illness, a mental one or Spiritual, it can be remedied with love, with Faith, in many ways, to great degrees.’ Keep this in mind, for so many children say, ‘There is no use to pray, it doesn’t help anyway.’ Not so.  If God does not answer what you request of Him, in the manner you request it, have patience, but most of all, have trust in Him.  It is a lack of trust that children show.  But every prayer is answered, for you see, God wants your Soul to grow.  So be it.”

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