ON NOVEMBER 3, 1972 AT 8:05 PM


“Many of you who have come to The Miracle have heard it said many times, when something builds up your pride, your ego, it is wrong.  There is nothing more obnoxious in a family than a child who has to have constant praise, constant attention, constant ‘me being first’.  There is no fun in being with this person, no enjoyment, because you almost find that you would rather be any place than with this person.  Is this not so?  And so it is with people throughout the world who are feeling they have power to do things that they say were of long ago; to do things they feel relate to God, but also, are a great part of Him.

And I, Saint Athanasius, say through this child on this night: ‘If she were to speak a foreign tongue to you, would you think that it was right?  Would you listen so intently that you would want to return to the Lesson given through her?’ Or would you say, ‘There is no use, I cannot understand it, but she looks right’?

If this child were to say, ‘I have the Power to heal,’ men would come from all over.  The True Power of healing is often God’s Light, and the physical healings many men feel they are doing are not right.  Where there is true physical healing, unless God says it must be, it is quiet and oftentimes never seen.

So please, My children, beware of those who say, ‘My tongue is everywhere,’ and be concerned with those who say, ‘My hands are gifted God’s Way,’ for there are so few in the world chosen by God this way.  You must understand that to have a Gift as man, if it is not controlled by The Father, the evil one can come in.  You must understand that all the Gifts that are Truth come from The Father, through Him, by Him, in a manner He decrees.  Right now you live in a time of many heresies:  constant teaching to man to do what man wills, a constant telling man to be important in front of other men.

Soon, a Vision will come to this child, important for every man in the world.  The Lesson in It, the Lesson given through It, the Lesson given by It, should last you until you enter the Realm of the Kingdom of Heaven. The child who stands before you sees, not with the vision of her eyes, but the Vision of her Soul.

And there is one man, two, present here now, who have come to try to better understand this child.  And I say to you, ‘If you are but man or woman in the human way, do not deny God’s Greatness; and cast the opinion of yourself away, for it will not give you Light, but darkness; it will not give you truth, but fallacy; it will not give you protection, but insecurity.’

No child has ever been asked to stand in the world as this one has.  You are fortunate, My children, for you see, as the Vision comes in to her, I will describe It, and then Another of Greatness, far greater than Me, will speak openly.”


“The Vision that the child does see is a room full of children, all ages, all colors, all creeds.  They are running back and forth in turmoil and disgrace, in anger, frustration and morbidity.  A man does stand in the center of the room.  There is no order in the room and he encourages everyone to partake.  The man is one of satan’s pawns.  He is human in all form.  He is sinful, ugly.

As I hold the child in a firm grasp, I now show you the difference when God’s Hand enters the scene:

The man is running wild, seems he wants to get out of the room.  And he says, ‘I am not finished.’ A child is screaming.  He’s trying to get through the wall.  And through the ceiling of the room, a Heart comes, slowly.  All people in the room look up.  The man dies, for he cannot stand the Ray of Light God sends to his eyes.  The little ones react first, for they are the less sinful.

A man cowers in the corner, and suddenly the Light touches his head.  He feels the warmth of God’s Love, he feels hope, and suddenly he’s enveloped all in red.  God’s Love surrounds him totally; the man beseeches God to forgive him.

The Heart is Radiant as if It is full of diamonds, and yet they are not diamonds but Rays of Light, showing God’s Wisdom.  If I were to allow this child the full Vision, she would crumble out of sight, but if I allowed this to be, it would be for your Souls to come to Here for All Eternity.

The Heart comes deeper, lower into the room, and all children in the room are showered with a Light.  The Love is One Alone.  And suddenly, in the room, no man can remain a coward.  What each child is receiving is a Touch of God’s Love that is Far More Powerful than anything God’s enemy can conjure up.  God is The Creator; the fallen one, the imitator.  It is not a tug-of-war God plays with this one each day, but God requests all children to become so strong in His Way, that greater Glory and Honor will be theirs one day.”

8:18 P.M.


“And now I, The Sacred Heart, speak firmly through this child and I say, ‘My Heart, through This Great Miracle, is more evident every day, for through It beats Love for a Son Who is now a Saint Here, for a Son Who walked the physical way in obedience and trust, for a Son Who protected Me as I walked the earth, for a Son Who worked the way of man and lived a Holy Way; for a Son Who, through sickness and in health, did all He could to do God’s Will, God’s Way.’

And I, The Sacred Heart, speak to you and say, ‘You have an equal opportunity to love Me every day.  Have before you My Image, My Heart, and as you do, It will remind you of this Great Vision that gave some of you a start.’

Please, My children, listen well to The Miracle of Hope, The Miracle of Life, The Miracle of Light, The Miracle that says to the world, ‘Obedience, Service, Trust and Love.’

One day, you will all understand that the Hill, planned by The Father, will be as the Light was at Bethlehem, the Star, leading the whole world to a beginning, to a future, to a way, to a Goal.  Ask yourselves, My little ones:  Will you ignore What is being said by Me, or will you accept It as the Truth It is, through a child who is as thee?

I bless you with The Father’s Love, I bless you with My Heart, and I bless you with the Light that shows through this child, in the act of obedience, in the act of trust.  All you have learned, hold within you.  It is My Will and It must be done.  So be it.”

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