ON NOVEMBER 9, 1972 AT 11:04 AM


“In a great mansion, a great palace, who does the work?  Not the king and queen, but the servant.  So today, when you leave this Hill, offer to God to be a servant totally dedicated to The Holy Trinity, and do not fear it interfering with your physical life.  It won’t.  It will enrich it.  It will give it hope and give it Light.  It will give it a Goal nothing else can.  It will give it happiness and it will give it peace, tranquillity and joy.  It will give it answers to the impossible, and I, Saint Jude, promise you so.

So many children expect We Saints to come in a different manner.  So many children expect a loud clash of thunder.  Not so.  If you knew the weakness of the human way, the human will, the human body, you would say, ‘It would shatter man completely, all ways.’ So the Gentleness of The Father, the Humility of His Way, the Greatness of His Being, says He comes through a child as you each day.

Do not look for a sign designed by you, but look for the love, the simplicity, the truth, the sincerity, the joy, that radiates to you.  If you were but one Soul that came to this Great Hill, the child would stand before you as she does now, totally still, to give you God’s Love, God’s Words, God’s Hope, God’s Truth, God’s Wisdom, but the need in the world is so great that she must stand before many.  And I, Saint Jude, say, ‘The need for prayer, the need for love, is far greater than you know.’

Man limits his love, because you see, man lets things immaterial hurt his Soul.  If an Angel were to stand around this child right now and you were to see the Angel, what would you do?  Would you cry?  Would you fall to the ground?  Would you stand in awe?  What good would it do?  It would only touch your emotions.  It would prove truly nothing to you.

God has told the whole world, through The Commandments that He gave, of His Great Love, what He wants, but man has dismissed These Commandments for worldly ways.  So today, I, Saint Jude, hand back to you The Commandments The Father gave and I say: ‘Look into each one.  See how much of your physical life obeys each one.  See how much of your love is in each one, and ask yourself the direction you feel you are going now, and what direction you will take if you obey to the fullest, every one.’

Oh, My children, men, at this moment, are arguing over little things, things that make them important in the world of man.  And I, Saint Jude, stand in the Heavens Where I am, and with the Power of God, I speak through a child as you and I say: ‘Better they were kneeling to pray.  Better they were serving The Father in a small way than to be concerned over what acclaim, to what degree in the world of men, they made, they came.’ You see, My children, the littleness of this child is as the littleness of you.

Men are walking around, wanting to hold a book.  I ask you, ‘What is in the book they carry?’ Some men feel it must be knowledge of the world:  to keep up with things, to understand what others mean, what others will, what others want, what others see.  Some carry the book, supposedly the words of those who have gone before:  the direction for the world.

I, Saint Jude, take the books away totally.  What will you have to lean upon if this is done?  Would you know how to pray?  Would you know where to go each day?  Would you have such Faith in God that you would not miss the books?  Do you feel so close to The Holy Trinity that you would say to The Father, ‘I need only You, nothing else’?

You see, My children, men are screaming out for God’s Love, and in every breath you take, it is obvious.  He gives you one more moment, the privilege of the physical way, to stretch to Him, to reach His Way, to cling to What He has taught, and to obey The Commandments that He gave every creation one day.

The tree you gather under is a creation of His, and in a second, in one thought, it could fall, unless it was alive.  You know this.  What keeps man alive:  the heartbeat, the bloodstream, the muscles, the walls, the knowledge in the physical way, or is it God’s Love every day?  Keep in mind, My children, your roots are His Love; the trunk is the physical, created from Above; what you do with your will:  the branches, the leaves.  And the fruit that you bear, is it fresh, is it good, is it beautiful, is it wisdom, is it love for The Holy Trinity?

I bless you with God’s Love and I bless you with Truth.  I bless you in the Light of Wisdom, especially for you.  So be it.”

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