ON NOVEMBER 12, 1972 AT 1:47 PM


“There are so many children in the world so easily tempted, so easily led, so easily driven by facade instead of actual truth, the Goal of life, the reality of the human way.  And I, Saint Peregrine, tell you this today: ‘Children whine and cry when they want something and many times, when they receive it, they do not say, “Thank you,” nor do they care.  They are too busy, momentarily enjoying what they received.  And soon it is forgotten and they go their way, desiring again something small, material, not asking God for the beauty of holding His Hand each day.’

You have read many things about Us Saints.  You have listened to stories, and I say to you on this day, in your time, from Heaven Where I am: ‘All the words were not written, all the little heartaches not given, all the moments of despair not shown, all the agony of pain that helped Us grow.  The disappointments are not there, for you see, man says, “The volumes would be too much to write and it would not be fair to impose upon others the degree of so many words.”’

Oh, My children, as I stand Here in the Heavens, I say: ‘Volumes are written that mean nothing to man.  Would it not be better that man see the words describing Our total way, rather than just the highlights of Our day?’

I bless you with God’s Love through a child such as you.  I bless you with Truth and I say, ‘If you were asked by The Father to stand now in It, what would you do?’  So be it.”

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