ON NOVEMBER 12, 1972 AT 2:03 PM



There is a man dressed in our time and suddenly he is not clothed like this any longer, but he lies on a bed of white, about to die.  Our Lord is standing by his side saying, “Son, what advice do you have to give to mankind?”

Our Lord is radiant, glowing like a star.  The man is pale but his eyes are gazing into real life.  The man whispers to Our Lord: “Teach the children True Light.  Tell them never to allow themselves to grow from it, for if they do, they will find only despair, hurt, agony.  They will find darkness, and yes, Hell.”

“And now, My son, I say to you, ‘Did you ever walk in untruth?’”

“Oh yes, my God, for quite a spell, but one day I was touched by the ringing of a bell.  The loft was high, and in the ringing I looked up.  I did not see a bell but I saw You beckoning me to walk inside and change my way, to see the Light.  I suddenly knew I was shouting for a cleansing that was evident there, and the washing with the Water blessed by the Man of God.  I suddenly felt the need to walk down the aisle.  I suddenly found myself upon my knees.  I suddenly knew this was the place for me.  It was my first act of humility in a very long while.”

“Was this sufficient for you, My son?”

“Not really, my God, I needed Someone.  I needed example, and suddenly I felt You.  I knew that You had to love me or You would not have died the way You did, in the manner chosen for Thee.  I did not feel alone then, and yet I had the whole world at my feet.  I realized I was lonely until I realized I wanted to see only Thee.  Believe it or not, my God, the evil one came in and tried to discourage me, and yet Your Love was so strong I felt It beside me.

“You ask me what I’d say to the world?  I say to people of all colors, all creeds, all races, all vocations of life, all means: ‘Look to the Truth for you will find it in The Commandments God gave to thee.  Look to the manner of prayer God gave, the “Our Father”.’ And that is why the evil one tries to imitate Thee, because the prayer is the fullest.  Is that not so, my God?”



“I, The Son of The Father, say, ‘The Father is The Creator of All Things; the evil one only the imitator.’ So when you have the truth, when you know the truth, when you see the truth, keep this in mind, it has Light, Wisdom, and bears much fruit.

When I walked the path the Children won for Me, I died for all the men, not one, two or three.  I gave My Heart, I gave My Way, and now, today, I have come to teach the world what they must do, how they must walk, what they must see, how they should share the Purpose of the physical life.

I bless you each, even those who fight Me, and I say, ‘If you stood at the foot of the Cross today, which one would you be?’  So be it.”

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