ON NOVEMBER 19, 1972 AT 2:03 PM


“I, Saint Anthony Mary Claret, speak These Words to you, for you see, I walked with The Host within me.  From one moment to the next I was a chalice, different than the child, but Every Word I spoke was God’s.  That made it worthwhile.

So as you walk, My little ones, keep in mind, the beauty of loving God, as mankind, gives you a particular role in life, a particular path to follow; whether it be small in your eyes or great in other men’s eyes, keep in mind, it has great worth.

I come to the world through this child to alert you to the desecration being done to The Holy Eucharist, all around.  Men are using It as a symbol, not the Truth that It is.  Men are desecrating It in sinful ways, causing satan honor.  Men are stomping on It and using It in means and manner you cannot know.  They are desecrating The Holy One, and to some it even shows.

I, Saint Anthony Mary Claret, come through this child today to say: ‘Guard That Holy Host.  Guard It well, for you live in a time worse than any time in the History of the world.’ This time martyrdom is not done by tossing you into a ring of lions.  This time martyrdom is done by asking everyone to stand in truth, to stand as a guard, guarding The Holy One.  Do not stand so far away from The Beloved Holy Host that you cannot protect It in your little way.

You have seen many, many pictures of me with a Light in my breast.  I say to you now, ‘The moment you receive This Holy Host there is a Light within you, not shown to the rest.’ Be blessed, My children, with this knowledge today, with the Wisdom I have given you in a small way.  Be of the Light of This Small Piece of Bread and know that It is The Father Himself Who enters you to give you Wisdom, Light, Aid, Help, Love, and yes, to teach you His Way, so one day you will be a Saint Where He is.

I, Saint Anthony Mary Claret, say: ‘I hold this child firmly in a way you cannot know, for Another will speak, and through her eyes it will show.  It is not man’s way, it is not man’s will, but you have been told today to Honor What The Son gave you:  the privilege of receiving a Light far beyond what you know, the privilege of accepting God’s Glow.’  So be it.”

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