ON NOVEMBER 25, 1972 AT 1:19 PM


“My beloved children, since this is the first time many of you have listened to Us through a child such as this, I say to you now: ‘As she looks into your eyes, she does not see you, but what We direct her to see, what We make her know.  And as she speaks, it is because of God’s Love for you, and you know through her it does show.’ Be aware, My little ones, that All Things said to you on this day are of Wisdom, not just knowledge from a book written by man one day.

I am a Saint, oh yes; I am Saint Jude.  And as I have spoken many times through this child, there are many of you who have prayed to Me for things you say are ‘impossible’.  Is that not so?  I offer every petition to God.  I offer everything you say, and sometimes He says to Me, ‘Jude, is it good for the child today?’ So keep this in mind:  When I offer before Him, I place your love to Him, I say: ‘God, let it be Your Way.  Let it be the truth that the child will see when You do not answer the prayer the child’s way.’

There are so many physical cases brought to Me each day.  There are so many children saying, ‘Saint Jude, save this child, my way.’ I say to you on this day, through this child you do not know, an instrument of God, just as you, ‘Do not pray for thy will to be done, but pray that The Father’s Will take over, be accomplished, be followed through, be seen, be accepted, be noted, and yes, loved.’

I, Saint Jude, stand High in the Heavens and say to you, My children, ‘Do not deny God’s Love, for It is given to you in a little way, but the Magnitude of It is far greater than you know.’ Be blessed by My Words, be blessed by My Wisdom, be blessed by My Advice, and I say: ‘Never stop praying to The Saints.  We love you, We walked the physical way.’  So be it.”

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