ON DECEMBER 1, 1972 AT 7:58 PM


“I am Padre Pio.  I will not shout too loud through this child on this night.  But I say to all present here: ‘Work for God with all your might.  Do not let others who are weak lead you astray, but stand before them and admit you love God in an open way.’ I did, and I expect each one here tonight to do the same, for you see, this is right.  And those of you who express a great love for Me, I say, ‘Love God first, then follow My example, pray.’

Do not allow the evil one to interfere day and night, but when he does, pray, My children, with all your might, for children have forgotten the necessity of prayer, the power that it is and the beauty that it is, coming Here.

I stand in the Heavens, this is true.  I walked the path as you.  Let no man interfere with your entrance Here, for believe Me, My children, you must be purified before you enter the Kingdom Where The Holy Trinity is always dear.  So be it.

The child has asked Me to bless you as I always do, ‘In Nomine Patris, et Filii, et Spiritus Sancti.  Amen.’

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