ON DECEMBER 3, 1972 AT 1:49 PM


“My beloved sons, My beloved daughters, My beloved children, I am Saint Luke.  I have come through this child many times, always to give Words of Direction.  I come through her on this day to show you that the way of the world is not perfection; that the way of the world is the human way, to walk in the fleshly manner, taking care of all things that are flesh and not caring about the Soul, Divine Matter.  So I, Saint Luke, say, ‘You are Blessed, My children, on this day, for most of you have come in Faith.’ And those who have not, I say, ‘Watch out; it would be easy for you to stray.’

There were many men who walked in My day, walked in doubt.  Some walked in fear, some walked skeptical, and some said they could not hear.  But I say to you from the Heavens Where I am, ‘Do not make excuses and do not follow other men.’ Follow the Will of The Holy Trinity.  Follow the Way He has laid down for it to be.  Follow what you know is All Truth and be sure, My children, that you look to the beauty of obedience to The Commandments The Father gave, for through obedience to These you will walk a Holy Way.

Do not walk with His Heart on your arm.  Walk with His Heart combined with yours, interwoven, and you will feel the Beauty of Love, His Way.  So many children say, ‘I must profess out loud what I feel.’ And I, Saint Luke, say to you on this day, ‘Say it with your actions and your will.’

So, as I leave this child, not permanently but for awhile, I give My Love to you this way:  Be blessed by The Father, for He does it every day in the breath that you do breathe.  Be blessed by the heart you have, for it is He Who makes it beat.  Be blessed by what you hear in the Wisdom Way, for when It is Wisdom and Love, His Way, you can be sure He is directing It, holding you close to Him in His Own Way.  So be it.”

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