ON DECEMBER 8, 1972 AT 8:07 PM



I will tell you what I see.  There are Three Men gathered around a great stone.  The stone appears to be this high.  The stone is very jagged on one side.  One Man is Saint Jude, One is Saint Peter; Saint John The Baptist.  Saint Jude places His hand on the stone; Saint Peter, also, and Saint John The Baptist.  Oh, the smile on Saint Jude’s face.


“My beloved sons, My beloved daughters, through time man has experienced areas of slavery, areas of freedom; man has fought wars, man has found peace, but always man has something with him.  It doesn’t seem to leave.  It is fear, My children:  fear of illness, fear of darkness, fear of failure, fear of dissension, fear of criticism.  What man should truly fear he does not fear, and that is the loss of his Soul.

This rock the child holds, along with Us, is the stability of Truth that This Miracle is.  I oftentimes hear children say, ‘Saint Jude, help me today.’ I go to The Father; He responds with All Justice and Mercy, and the child is helped in many ways.

Children must learn to see the truth.  Children must learn to know how to accept it.  Children must learn to be able to sift beauty from ugliness, truth from untruth.  Children must begin to desire tranquillity and peace.

The child through whom I speak, speaks Our Words, not hers.  The rock she holds with Us is The Father’s Will, not hers.  You, too, must hold the rock upon which you must stand, for you see, the rock is strength, humility for man.  The rock is truth.  The rock is stability.  The rock is firm and it shows to others that there is a strength upon such a rock.  I take her hand from it for Another desires to speak, but My hand remains upon the rock for We Three stand for many things.”

8:14 P.M.


“I, Saint Peter, speak to you now and I say, ‘It was told to Me a long time ago, one day, that God’s Will was His Church, for all men to learn in and to pray, to accept The Holy Trinity the perfect way.  The rock still stands.  I am Here, no longer man, but through My way, My obedience, My trust, you, My children, must follow.  It is a must.  God Wills it to be in your day.  Know this, accept it and pray.

Through My walking in the world, I hold the responsibility for the whole world in many ways.  My Name is quickly known.  My Name is quickly said and most children are alert to the fact that one day I was placed at the head.  The children in your day are learning a different way.  They are being taught the human aspect.  The physical road is a privilege; the physical way, God’s Love; the Goal of the physical, to come Here Where I am.

I bless you and I say, ‘Remember the rock, for many men are chipping at it, trying to destroy it, satan’s way.  We intend to stand Here in the Heavens and protect this rock, for you see, it is God’s Will, God’s Way.’

Another desires to speak.  He, too, walked the earth.  His path was a special one and He, too, is much a part of this rock.  He, too, sees strength in it, love in it, courage in it, humility in it, piety in it; and yes, the evil one trying to chip it away, the disaster you are unaware of, because in many ways you are not exposed to it; you are protected.  But through This Miracle Of The Beloved Saint Joseph, We are coming from the Heavens to tell you what is occurring and the correction of it.

I bless you and I say, ‘Hang on to the rock, My children, and let no man chip it away.’”

8:18 P.M.


“My sons and My daughters, I am Saint John The Baptist.  I taught, I preached, I walked, and yes, I suffered in many ways; but in the time in which you live, the Beauty of Baptism to cleanse away the sin, is far removed from any way.”

Oh, I wish you could see His face.  The tears are just rolling down His face.

“Children are saying: ‘There is no need for the pouring of water.  We will wait to another day.’ These very children have been taught the necessity of the pouring, the purpose of it and the duty it is in every day.  The Son of The Father allowed me to pour the water.  Why does man not see the need of it in your day?

A child present here says, ‘Saints do not cry.’ Through the tears the child told you of, it is to show you sadness, how you know sadness to be.”

On the rock, there’s drippings.  Where He is crying, there’s crevices:  just little bitty holes being bored down a little bit.

“The Words that Alphonsus used in the beginning, when this child spoke, were Words of lightness, and yet Words of Constant Teaching.  It is this way through and through.  The day must come when thousands must listen and thousands must read the Words The Father Decreed to be.

Ask yourselves on this night in your time:  Would you have the courage to stand for The Divine?  Do you have the courage to tell others What I have said?  Do you have the courage to speak out on the Vision, the rock:  Saint Jude, holding onto it lightly yet firmly, securely, obediently; and the beloved Peter, resting His hand, always close to His responsibility?

It is so difficult for men to fight weakness when they have not trained themselves to reject it firsthand.  Men all over the world are making excuses for what they are doing against God.

I am holding this child deeply, firmly, and Another will speak.

Men are running around seeking power, playing games, trying to have schemes, plans develop so they will gain.  I, Saint John The Baptist say, ‘All the goods in the world will mean nothing when the last breath is taken, but having poured the Water will have much meaning, and it will be the base, the solid factor, the acceptance of Faith necessary to gain what God Wills.’

The child is aware of each of you.  I hold her deeply for the Vision to come is One of such Magnitude, she would run, for the Light would blind her, the Glow would cause her to never see again.  We have shown you on this night, a child with lightness, and yet obedient to God’s Plan.  We have shown you that if she had been allowed to remain just in the world as she always wants you to see her, this Vision would never have been heard, nor would the next One.”

8:29 P.M.


It’s Our Lord.  His Heart is glowing.  Oh my! The Light is hurting my eyes.  I can’t seem to adjust to it yet.  He’s backing up.  It was too much.


“Oh, My children, man speaks of the magic touch, man speaks of brightness of light, and yet, what this child is experiencing is a Light beyond man’s knowledge, a Light that could light the whole world, a Light that could refresh all men, and a Light that could eliminate all sin.  To see the Light to the fullest, man must learn to purify the body.  One way, My little ones, is to learn how to obey The Commandments The Father did say, obey Them to the fullest.

This child through whom I speak, My Funnel of Love, well understands the burden on her is from Above.  I, too, walked the physical road.  I, too, suffered for man.  The evil one did not expect a woman to be chosen by Us for This Great Plan.  He expected, I might say, a man cloistered away, for the burden is of such a Magnitude; but keep in mind, My children, that the evil one cannot create, only imitate.

The child is held by the Rays of My Heart, by the Glow.  It is difficult for her to say My Words for the Power is so Great.  You must understand, My children, that Our Reasoning, Here in the Heavens, is not your reasoning; Our Method, not yours; Our Goal, Far Greater for you than you know goal to be.

I have chosen this child.  The attacks the evil one places before her are many, always asking her to deny what she must stand in and for.  I am her Strength, for it was I Who opened the door.  This little one has many hours yet to face, of loneliness, of work, decision, burden.  I promise her no happiness in this world.

The Rays of My Heart are distracting her from the Words, for They are turning, showing her that the Rays of My Heart must go around the whole world.  The Rays are flickering, never dulling, only brightening.  They hurt her Eyes of her Soul and the physical eyes react, for there is a connection man does not know.

This little one stands in ridicule, but firm in Truth.  I walked the path.  I know that when tiredness sets in, you wish to be alone.  Many times she has heard Words that have a particular meaning in the way of man, but she has found My Meaning different than man’s.  She oftentimes says to Me, ‘Oh, God, You interpret things so differently than I.  Help me.’

Thousands of Miracles have been performed through this child, thousands man does not write about and few see. This child has delivered to you Our Words.  The slow manner in which she speaks is how it was for Me on Calvary.  Sometimes, when the burden is so great, there is no challenge to it, only love, for God’s sake.  That is part of the loneliness she faces each day.

The Rays from My Heart are brighter yet.  They burn her Eyes to a degree like two hot coals on an open fire, for you see, how else could she tell you of this Great Light?  It is different than man knows light to be.

An army must be formed to complete My Will.  Men must be gathered to do all things I Will.  Pilgrims must come from all over the world to pay Honor to The Beloved Saint that was My earthly Father.  Through This Miracle, I show the world the beauty of the physical and how I hold it dear, for I walked it and I spent My years with My Beloved Mother, with My Beloved earthly Father, and other men and women that Here in the Heavens I hold dear.

This Miracle Of The Beloved Saint Joseph is One of such Beauty.  The Beloved Heavenly Queen, Mother, earthly Spouse of This Beloved Saint, encourages all children to partake in the Wisdom and the Truth that is taught here, through this child as you.

The army must be formed to build this Hill, to give to the world the Knowledge, the Truth; to show the world action, My Way; to show the world peace, tranquillity and hope.  I want all children to partake, to return their talents here, so that Grace will be gained for It is Reward.  I want to fill the Heavens with children of all ages, all colors, all creeds, and through This Miracle, I use It as a means.

I am releasing the child slowly, but it will take her awhile to be completely back in the world.  My children, join the army, be a warrior for Me, fight for what you know is Truth and what I Will to be.

I do not end in the Words usually said, but I end My time with you here in saying, ‘Remember the Rays of My Heart, remember the Light through the child, remember the Wisdom I gave, remember the Lessons I taught, remember the Request I made:  join the army, be a warrior for Me.’ See, in your little way, that what I want to be done will be done, My Way, so millions of Souls will come Here to spend Eternity with Me.”

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