ON DECEMBER 17, 1972 AT 1:58 PM


“My beloved children, I am Saint Francis Xavier.  I have spoken many times through this child, always to teach other children God’s Will, God’s Way.  Many of you are prideful in your own way, and yet you desire to help other children learn God’s Way.

Men are saying, ‘There is no such thing as Sainthood.’ Men are saying that when the physical ends, there is no other way.  Some men are saying that when the physical ends one way, it begins another way.  Oh, My children, each child born to the world is given one physical life to live, and through this physical life, Life Eternal will be for all men.  The privilege of the physical is far beyond your knowledge, your scope, your way, but through the Teaching that is being given to you now, you will better learn to love God in a special way.

You live in a time worse than Sodom and Gomorrah.  You live in a time of ugliness and evil prey.  You live in a time of mental disease, sickness, because the evil one has taken hold in weakness of children who could not stand taut, tight, firm, strong, on the beauty God did say.  The world must once again hold on to The Commandments God gave man and, in doing this, all things will change.  It must be.

Through This Beloved Miracle Of The Beloved Saint Joseph, the world will begin to know the strength of humility and how it helps one grow.  Men must know that to live a full life is freedom; that is, to love God so much you will do only His Will.  This gives you the greatest freedom in the world, for you see, man is your greatest enemy and man puts you in bondage you cannot see.

I say to you now from the Heavens Where I am, ‘Free yourself, hold on to God’s Hand, for in His Love for each of you, He allows you to understand the beauty and the privilege of being man.’

In many eras of your time — man’s, that is — man has been in slavery to other men.  The Son of The Father freed man in the greatest degree, and now man is causing himself to be a prisoner of satan.  I say to you in firmness and in strength: ‘Free yourself today.  Hold God’s Hand.  Look to His Will, and when you pray, do not pray that your will be done, but pray that God’s Will be done for you that day.’  So be it.”

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