ON JANUARY 5, 1973 AT 7:47 PM


“Every man in the world should understand the Beauty of being with God, firsthand. The child experienced it a hundredfold so she could, on this night, say to you a Truth, a Way, a Happening, an Occurrence, firsthand, to make you understand what a terrible world it would be without the privilege of receiving The Holy Eucharist, Which is Me.

I have placed her before you on this night, for you to hear the Words from Me.  There is no fool in the world that walks for Me.  Only those who follow My enemy are fools.  I have come through the child first on this night, to give her the strength she needs, for without My Power, without My Strength, she could not receive Me.

There are so many issues I wish to discuss with each of thee.  First, I will speak to My sons, openly.  There are many men pretending to stand for Me, but in truth, they are standing for self-love and in it, and whatever they do is for self-acclaim, purpose, way, goal.  When a man truly stands for The Holy Trinity, he stands in obedience, he stands in trust, he stands in justice, which few men truly understand.

I will allow Another Saint to speak through this child to you on this night, and the Lesson He will teach will be One that each of you must remember, for It is directed by Me, through a child such as thee.  I will not leave her totally, her weakness is too great.  It is only on My Command tonight that she stands so straight.”

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