ON JANUARY 5, 1973 AT 8:16 PM


“There’s no place in the world that you could get a sermon like you get through The Miracle Of Saint Joseph.  I defy you to tell Me where you could get it.  It’s impossible.  Man can only give you his opinion, but when It comes straight from Heaven, It has everything.  You see, My children, I am Saint Anne, and through this child I speak pointedly, confidently, directly, lovingly, and yes, in a way of true justice on your behalf.

You walk through each day, accepting it casually.  I ask you, on the morrow, to accept it fully for what it truly is.  The day is breath to you.  The day is light to you.  The day is progress to you.  The day is satisfaction to you.  The day is one step forward to being a Saint.  See it that way, accept it that way, walk it that way, and yes, let no man detour you from walking to the railing and accepting your Beloved God, Who will stand in open view.

I, your Grandmother, speak from a Realm Where you must come one day, from a Realm Where you must stay for All Eternity.  It is a Place of Happiness, a Place of Peace, a Place of Joy, but most of all, My children, it is a Place of All Justice.  This alone makes It a Place of Great Beauty, for that is the part of It that We lean upon, and yes, gives Us
the strength to work, in, on, for, and with, justice, The Heavenly Father’s Justice to Us.  And through His Justice to Us, We serve Him to give you the privilege of being a Saint.

Men are turning their backs on Sainthood.  Men are saying there is no such thing as a Hereafter.  Men are saying there is no need to pray.  Men are saying: ‘Why bother with tomorrow?  Just spend today in a loving, giving way.’ Add it up and you will find that by this means, in this manner, man means one thing:  self-love, no self-discipline, and yes, only material way, only the fleshly means; but, when man stands to face each day in a just way, you can be sure that he will spend it in a full way.

My children, there have been millions of Words spoken through this child by All of Us Here; there are millions yet to come. She is a chalice, a link, a fork, a spoon, a means, a manner, a voice, a truth.  I, Saint Anne, speak openly to you.  And as the child looks at you with honor, dignity, and in truth, ask yourself on this night:  Have you learned a Lesson from her, that We spoke through her, that will give you a New Light, give you New Direction, and give you a Wisdom to go on to make your physical life more worthwhile, more justified?  I ask you on this night.

Heaven is real.  Hell is real.  Man is real.  God is real.  If, at this moment, I were to come into the room and say, ‘Those children here who desire to walk totally God’s Way, follow Me,’ some of you would say, ‘No’; you would fear the path, you would fear the road.  This, My little ones, is foolishness.  Keep in mind, that to walk this way, in the way of mankind, you would be walking in justice, always in truth, open and free to the Light of God’s Will.  I, your Heavenly Grandmother say: ‘Take My Hand.  Walk God’s Way.’

I bless you from the Heavens.  I bless you with a Mother’s Love.  I bless you with a Grandmother’s feeling for a child who She does not want to stray.  Please, My children, think of Me this way, so as you walk through tomorrow, you will walk God’s Way.  So be it.”

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