ON JANUARY 12, 1973 AT 8:11 PM


“My beloved children, I am Saint Christopher.  There are many of you present here who devote much time to prayer, and sometimes, in your busy way, your busy day, you say a prayer to Me, your little way.  There are so many children throughout the world, the physical one that is, that desire to spread My Name for the reason they feel good for them.

There are so many ways to bless you on this night:  one is with Words, one is with Light.  But to each of you knighted here today, I say, ‘No coward can truly walk for God in the human, little way.’ It takes strength to face truth, it takes love to want to understand what is right.

You walk in a very troubled world and many of you do not walk in Light.  Be honest with yourselves, be a strength to each other, but above all things, be just, for in this way, you will never smother of man’s love, man’s weakness, man’s lightness to the Truth God wants all men to follow, to reflect, to show, to extend.

Oh, My children, walk in the way of man for the Beauty of God, for the saving of your Soul.  Be blessed through this child in a manner you do not know, for through sacrifice you will begin to better understand the beauty of walking the way as man.  So be it.”

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