ON JANUARY 14, 1973 AT 1:53 PM


“Man is going into heresy to relieve himself of the burden of life.  He doesn’t like boredom and he doesn’t like loneliness.  He doesn’t like fear, he doesn’t like illness, he doesn’t like anything that isn’t stimulating.  I promise you, I, Saint Peregrine, that Purgatory is the loneliest place in the world.

Ask yourselves on this day, if you desire loneliness, if you desire to walk away from all things that give hope?  We are told — I was, when I walked the earth; you are, as you walk the earth — that Purgatory has but one thing, hope.  Ah yes, it is true, but the hope in Purgatory is not as the hope is here with you.  It is a lonely hope, it is a hope of dependence; where, on this Hill of Hope, My children, I, Saint Peregrine say: ‘You have the hope of life, the hope of action, the hope of being able to do yourselves, help yourselves.  Use it, accept it, recognize it, develop it, and as you do, thank God for the privilege He gave you.’

I am the Saint that many children pray to for developed illness, a cure.  I come from the Heavens on this day and I say through this child, ‘Only God can give Me permission to be the instrument to cure.’ It is His Power through which children are cured, perhaps bearing My Name; but nonetheless, all good, all answer to prayer comes from Him.

When a child is chosen to be the instrument for a Great Power, the child must be prepared beyond man’s knowledge, which this one was.  Ask yourselves, My children:  Now, does this not seem more sensible to you, to have to be prepared singly, and in an Ultimate Way, to just walk in solid truth, to fight heresy, to fight wrong, to fight sin in a deliberate way? The child stands alone, but in reality, so do you; but the heresy of your day says, ‘Lean on other men, they will help you.’ Not so.  Man does not have the degree of power needed to help.  Only God can help you.

Children are lying in beds all over the world, wracked with pain, illnesses that they know will soon take them beyond the physical way.  The sorrow they have, the despair they feel is one alone.  Right now children, unborn, are being killed.  Who is man to say that this unborn child has no feeling the human way?  But man, in his deliberate way, accepts the power of killing because he takes it upon himself to say, ‘No pain will be felt by the unborn child this way.’ Man is not rational.

I, Saint Peregrine, shout These Words to you today.  Those of you who come to face this child openly, I say, ‘Open your ears to What We say’; plus, I say, ‘Open your heart to God’s Way.’

Many Words have been spoken through this child, All to make men Saints.  When is the last time you heard someone say, someone in authority God’s Way, ‘Try to be a Saint; you can make it if you will it to be’?  So Heaven, because of man’s lack of words, lack of direction, lack of truth, is coming forward through this child to say, ‘Be a Saint, God’s Way.’  So be it.”

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