ON JANUARY 19, 1973 AT 8:09 PM


“My beloved children, I am Saint Bartholomew.  Many children do not know of Me or My way, but I, on this night do say, ‘I have come through this child many times, many days.’

There is no child in the world now who walks in this Manner, in this Way, so totally in God’s Will.  Many Directions come through her in a physical way:  how she stands, how she is, how she talks, how she gives, how she diverts others’ wills from wickedness, evil, fear.

No man in the world is capable of understanding the fullness of This Great Miracle.  No man in the world, no matter how learned he or she is, could be a match to this child, for you see, All Wisdom is pouring forth through her from The Holy Trinity.  Many men are arguing points.  They say, ‘It cannot be.’ God smiles and says: ‘They said this of My Own Son.  Please listen to the Words and you will see It is I Who speaks.’ But men, in the time in which you live, have become so busy with material things that they cannot see the Value to how God would work, how God would come to the earth to reveal many things.

I, Saint Bartholomew say, ‘On this night you have been given many Words to learn by, to follow through, to act upon, to help make you a Saint.’ What will you do with These Words?

Oh, My sons and My daughters, if I were to hand each of you a great amount of physical money at the door, you would anxiously leave and do many things, some galore, but none of these things that you could do with the gift I would hand to you could serve you or give you as much as the Wisdom you have been given tonight in a light touch.  Humor?  Yes.  Wisdom?  Yes.  Human likes?  Yes.

Oh, My children, it is a privilege to live the physical life, for you see, through the physical way you will come Here to spend Eternity.  Be blessed by these moments, be blessed by this time.  See through the child’s eyes the Innocence and the crystal-like Light that shines.

I bless you with God’s Power.  I bless you and I say, ‘Pray in every act you do, each day.’ Do not make excuses for your lack of words to God.  Make your life a prayer.  He will love you and grant you Grace for this, because you see, He created you.  He does not expect you to spend all day, all night upon your knees, but through your example, through your way, through your charity, through your generosity, through your obedience to His Commandments, you say:

‘I love You, God.  Thank You for this day.’  So be it.”

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