ON JANUARY 26, 1973 AT 7:55 PM


“I always scold children when they belittle age, because there’s a beauty in it that youth can’t have, and that is a wisdom, a light, a maturity, a development, a flexibility in many ways.  And I, Saint Veronica, say through this child to you on this night, ‘It is true that the beloved Anne, in Her way, will guide with a Light.’ She will teach those of many years to walk in a path and on the way, not to perfection, but to truth, to maturity, to Light.

There is no age that cannot learn more about God.  There is no path that knows all about Him.  There is no design man can make that God did not help him with.  But on this Magnificent Hill of Hope, men will begin to see that God wants all ages, all races, all creeds, to Honor Him above all things.

The child has a Vision no one can take.  Men will try to put It down upon paper, man-made.  The lines will be many, fine drawn for her to see, but she will spend hours, continuously deleting lines, adding new ones, for you see, every space, every inch, every spot, will have a Purpose that God Decrees.

Man is too little in his own way, to really know what God Wills, His Way.  From the moment of conception, God speaks to man, but man does not listen once he is given the freedom to walk the land.  Ah yes, he does listen when he is in the womb, but once he is out, oh my, what a change in the will.  So many children of all ages feel that they know more, they know right.

But through this child on this night, I, Saint Veronica say, ‘When I touched His Face that special day, I did not realize He left the imprint, even to His Eyes, so that all men from then on could remember His Sacrifice.’ The Light in His Eyes had dimmed.  The sorrow on His Face, oh my, there was no grin.  The sadness was there, the Truth really showed.  But when I held this piece of cloth, my heart was warm with His Glow.

Men throughout the world now, want so to experience being close to God.  Their one mistake is doing it without self-discipline, without real love, without leaning upon Him Who is always Above.  Through this child, millions of Words have been spoken, and through this child, no hour of the day is her own.  She stands in Truth, as most of you know, and she says, ‘Do not envy my way, the burden is a tiresome one.’ She says this in all care for you, but through her, she wills that you will do God’s Will.

Some of you are headed for Great Sanctity; others of you might stray, but if you cling to this beautiful way and you follow the path The Beloved Saint Joseph took, honoring Him, trusting Him, and yes, always to obey, you will find that when Judgment Day comes, your Guardian Angel will openly say: ‘Dear Heavenly Father, the child did try.  I, too, worked for him each day; but, if there is failure, let it be My blame, for I know You desire his Soul to truly come Your Way.’

No better attorney will you have than your Guardian Angel, at that time when you stand before God, with your Soul in His Mind.  The Soul will be Judged by how you were.  The Soul will not be able to speak nor be heard.  It will be you, because of your will, and it will be your Guardian Angel that will stick up for you.

So I say to you on this very night, ‘Be wise, My children, try to see the Light, and do not ask for the imprint of His Face, but ask for the Hand, for you see, through It you will receive Grace.’

There never has been in the world, since it has been created, a Miracle such as This for men.  You see, The Beloved Saint Joseph is so loved by The Father that He wants the whole world to see Him, through man.

I bless you with Heavenly Grace.  I bless you and I say, ‘Walk away today, desiring to be only a Saint, and ask your Guardian Angel, that when you begin to stray, to turn you around to walk the other way, so the fight at the Judgment Time, the Judgment Day, will not be too difficult for this Angel Who walked the total way.’  So be it.”

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