ON JANUARY 28, 1973 AT 1:58 PM


I will tell you what I see, and I see with the Eyes of my Soul.  The Vision comes in very slowly sometimes, not all at once; I couldn’t stand it, nor could you.

It is Our Lord.  He is standing on the Monastery hill, over there; I would say approximately fifteen feet above the open grass.  Many are gathering around Him:  men of all ages, men of all class, men of all vocations, men of all ways; men who have sinned, men who have not; men who have followed satan in many ways, men who desire now to do The Father’s Will, men who say they now understand totally God’s Way; men who are deliberate in their will, men who say, “God, lead me to Where I must stand one day before You.”

There is one man there who seeks advice from The Beloved Son of God, Who stands in a beautiful white:

“Heavenly Father, All that is Good, let my way follow You.  Let my life be one of chastity.  Let my will be one of service to Thee.  Let my hope radiate to others.  Let my obedience be to all that is The Father’s.  Let my knowledge be wisdom.  Let my strength be strong.  Hold my hand so I will not go wrong.”

Another man approaches Him and he says openly:

“Deliver me, God, from the world of sin.  Let me cling only to Thee.  Let me transfer to others Your Love, Your Way.  Let me guide men so they will see the Beauty of the Heavenly Way.”

Another man steps forward: “I have taught much, my Father, in the world.  I have taught men how to sin.  I have taught men many things, but never to walk following You.”

The Heat, the Warmth of God’s Love is all around, and He showers It upon these men.  Some men fall to the ground because of the Heat all around; they fear It.  Some openly look up to Him and say:

“Let the Heat warm me for every day.

Let this Heat be the wisdom I will follow.

Let the strength of It keep me from being shallow.

Let the Heat that I feel from You, my God, be transferred to others so they will not follow facade.

Let the Light, let the Strength, let the Wind of God’s Power transfer the Light, transfer the Heat, give Hope where You allow it.”

Our Lord is blessing them and saying, “When men ask for My Love, I cannot deny them.  So be it.”

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