ON FEBRUARY 3, 1973 AT 1:40 PM



I will tell you what I see.  Oh my! I see The Beloved Saint Joseph in Splendor and Light, and the garment He wears is purple and white.  The Glow from His Body is not man-made, but the smile on His Face, He said, “God gave.” The color of His Hair, golden brown; the shine in His Eyes, like stars all around.  He stands on the world, ready to be seen.  It is The Father’s Will for Him.


“My beloved sons, My beloved daughters, I speak through this child always.  I teach many things through her.  I direct all children to The Holy Trinity, and yes, I desire each child to use his will in The Father’s Way, to do His Will readily.

There are so many things that children all over the world are learning through This Great Miracle that bears My Name.  There are so many children now drawing closer to The Holy Trinity; this is The Father’s Aim.  Please, My children, better understand the way of the physical, the privilege it is to be man, for if you do, you will one day stand at the Entrance to Heaven, Where I am.

So many children say, ‘How could God choose a woman for this act?’ So many children say, ‘Why would a woman be chosen to walk for The Beloved Saint Joseph, in such a Special Way?’ Keep in mind, through the smallness she is, through the delicate way she stands, My Power is seen greater in the way of man.

Be blessed, for you see, there is more Vision to come through this child for the benefit of Me.  So be it.”

1:42 P.M.


Oh my! It’s Our Lady.  She’s dressed in stark white.  She glistens.  The dress appears almost translucent and yet it is not.  The veil hangs in folds like no garment could.  And I see Her also standing, but not on the world — in a circle of Lights, the Rosary.


“My beloved children, if you carry these Beads you will shed disgrace, for satan cannot bear these to take his place.  I say to My sons, ‘Keep the Rosary in a pocket where you can touch it immediately.’ I say to My daughters, ‘Keep it close and pray the Beads constantly.’ If you could but see the Souls that are released from Purgatory through these Beads, you would remain upon your knees endlessly.

This child is but an instrument for The Father: a chalice, a link, that is true; a fork, oh yes, and even a spoon, gathering Souls to do His Will.

Always, My children, keep in mind the beauty of purity, for reparation will have to be made for all the sins you have made, before you enter the Kingdom Here.

So now, make all things in preparation form, in reparation way, so when the time does come and you are to come This Way, you will be able to look into His Eyes and say: ‘God, I want so to be with You now.  I hope that I have done things Your Way.’ You will be reminded of all the things that were not quite right, but The Father’s Justice will always be in sight.

So I say to you on this day, My children: ‘See the Light, pray the Rosary, teach others to do the same.  Make reparation and aim for purity.’  So be it.”

1:45 P.M.


It’s Our Lord and He’s walking in a field, but the field has seeds I have never seen before.  He’s walking on a little mound and the seeds are all around.  And suddenly His Feet do not touch the ground.  Our Lord is rising to a height — I would say thirty, forty, fifty feet in the air.  He smiles and says, “It is far greater than that, child,” but because of the closeness with me, He feels so near.


“My beloved sons, My beloved daughters, men speak of action, men speak of trials, men speak of wars, men speak of denials.  Men trespass on My property, oh yes, and men abuse it to a great degree.  The property is the world.  You see, it was given to bring men Here to Eternity.  Men forget that this great earth was created by The Father for a special purpose.

Oh, My sons, I speak to you now and I say, ‘If you were called to fight a war, you would go that way.’ And now, I, The Son Who once walked the earth, call upon you today and ask you to join an army to bring Souls This Way.  Do not reject My Request, but when you leave this place man made, do not forget it stands upon the ground The Father gave.  The abuses all over the world are a sadness to Us Here, for you see, they are robbing children of Grace and Happiness.

I am presenting into the Vision for the child to see, a special place.”

It looks like a huge room on the earth.  It has pillars.  There’s a table in the center of it.  And now Our Lord is standing above the table, about three feet off of it, and upon the table are crowns of every kind.

“The crowns that are in the Vision I present to this child, are the physical sight man attaches to gaining Heaven.  But I say to you, ‘What good is a crown if you wear it in the wrong place?’ So the Crown of Heaven, you must know, is seeing The Holy Face.  But reach for a Crown, My children, for in your little way, it will give you something to latch onto in a physical way; but know that the Crown is Far Greater than you know a crown to be.  It is the Heavenly Way.

I hold the child firmly, I hold her closely to Me, for she is the most controversial woman in the world for men to see.

I beseech you, My children, to look for the True Light and not be sidetracked by what man thinks is right.  All things I have made, men try to imitate.  The evil one looks to all things and he cannot create one of them, but in his despair, in his pride and his ego, he imitates, he simulates, to draw children to there.  He gives them false hope.  He gives them false honor.  I say: ‘I am The Father.  Follow The Rules, follow The Light; The Commandments to live by were given from Here.’

Through Me, The Father gave Part of Himself, The Host that you must hold dear.  Men throughout the world are diminishing Its Value.  Know, My little ones, that when the beloved man, who walks My Way in truth and understanding, says to you the Words of Love, be aware that you receive The Holy Trinity right there, not just a Part of It, but All of It, for you see, God is there.

There are so many things, so many questions you children have.  But if you take the Wisdom you have received today, sift It, and yes, look to the Words that will help you come Here, you will find all you need to gain Heaven.  You will find the Beauty and the Privilege of the human way.

I bless you from the Heavens through a child such as you, for you see, how else could so many children be reached without frightening them, without disturbing them, but to enlighten them, to support them, to direct them, to console them, to let them benefit in such a Great Way?

I will hold the child firmly, for to allow her a quick release now would exhaust her and she needs strength to go on.

I bless you with a Love you cannot know, in a Manner you cannot see, and in a Way that can only give you Light, Love and Hope.  So be it.”

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