ON FEBRUARY 9, 1973 AT 8:15 PM



I will tell you what I see.  I see a great sea of water.  The colors are, I would call them “muted blues”, and yet there is green.  I see back here, not here.

Above this, it appears to me as a great falls, waterfalls, and it’s rushing and pounding, that it’s deafening to my ears.  Our Lord stands in the midst of this falls.  It would kill you and I to stand there.

He’s stepping out and He is completely dry.  He’s smiling and appears as if there is a twinkle in His Eye.  He said to me, “I am sorry, child, to put you through this, but I know that your love will sustain you and I know that the Justice of The Father will contain you, and I know that His Mercy will make you understand that it is for the world of man that you stand in the open as best you can.”

The water is diminishing in back of Him.  The sound is diminishing and He stands radiant as if in the sun, and yet it is not the sun; but the Glow is blinding to the Eyes of my Soul and it burns the backs of my eyes in a way I cannot tell you.  His Hair is golden brown; His Face, so beautiful, and yet so masculine.  His Face has a glow all Its Own.


“I have forbidden the child to kneel in My Honor for I want you to see the total obedience to Me, and the manner in which you are situated would deprive you of this view, through her, of Me.

The world must understand that The Father does love man, ultimately.  Children must begin to see the Beauty of The Holy Trinity and the Love The Father has.  The suffering that I accepted for each of thee, had to be for the real freedom of man.

Let yourself, hopefully, understand the dignity of being man and eliminate all ridicule you have for petty differences.  Stop worrying about things that will only be of no account, but only be concerned with things that will keep you from Here.

Let no man lead you into mortal sin; such sin says you have disobeyed a Commandment from Him.  Let no man let you be a part of desecration in any manner.  Keep this in mind.  It is a grave sin.  Men are committing sacrilege all over the world.  Do not be a part of it.  It will lead you to Hell, and the moment of your participation will not be worth the reparation that will have to be done.

Keep in mind, My children, these three things:  mortal sin, desecration, sacrilege.  Do not be so concerned over things that mean nothing, for in your concern, you could miss the real hurt to God.

I burn the child’s eyes with the Light — the water must come; the burning is to show you it is truly I Who speak.  It is to let you know how much I truly love you, and that this child is no freak.  I have said oftentimes through her, ‘No coward can walk this way,’ but I say to you, My little ones, ‘Be ever mindful of your day, for in it, with it, you can serve in a very satisfying way, The Holy Trinity in a special way.’

Ask yourselves on this night:  What is a fool?  Is a fool one with real sight, or is a fool one who follows only self-satisfaction?  It is necessary, often, for a child who follows in a path, to suffer in many ways, because you see, sin has to be balanced out with wrath.

A long time ago, children were forced into an arena to be devoured by wild animals.  Men did it to satisfy themselves, to eliminate these children from the world.  It was not The Father’s Will.  And some of these children were tempted so greatly to not walk into the arena, but they did it in trust and in Faith and humility, desiring only Grace for the act.  One man walked in so fearful one time, he said: ‘Do not let me deny You, Whoever You are.  Let the first bite devour me.’ And yet The Father knew this man would grow in Sanctity, and he did.

Right now in the time in which you live, the whole world is an arena, the whole world is being devoured by the evil one.  It is not the bite of an animal but the trickery of the mind, the twisting and the turning against The Divine.

Be at peace, My little ones, but be fully aware that you must stand for all that is right and give to God what is fair. The child walks a tightrope, and without the Hand of The Father she could not stand the open lair.

I beseech you, My little ones, to not be sidetracked but to see the Truth in What is said, to see the Value of what is being done, and to walk the given path.  When you pray, pray for The Father’s Will to be done.  When you act, act in a manner of example for everyone.

When you hand your hand to anyone, be sure you give a blessing with it, for when you hand your hand, ask God to let it be His that you hand to every man.

Sacrifice and penance, reparation, not things of the past; as long as man lives upon the earth, these things will have to be part of man’s task.

If I came into this room, the shock of My Presence would be too much.  Do not think you are so capable of handling such.  Heaven has such Beauty, Tranquillity and Love.  No physical form could truly stand the Power of Above, but through this child, Truth comes; through this child, Direction is given and, oh yes, teaching the Wisdom of the Heavens.

I bless you in a manner you cannot know.  I bless you with Faith and I bless you with Hope, and I say, ‘In this Blessing, let all the things you are be offered in the Name of The Father Who is near and far.’

Know that at the moment of conception, you were designed by Him.  Know that He never left you, especially when you ask for Him.  Cling to His Garment, cling to His Justice, cling to His Way, cling to the privilege He gave you one day, of walking as man to come Here one day.  So be it.”

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