ON FEBRUARY 16, 1973 AT 7:49 PM


“On Saint Joseph’s Hill of Hope there is a magnet that’s within the ground and it’s all around, for you see, God made it.  And those who come to this Great Hill, to use it to serve God, fulfill many things within them.  It takes away the emptiness.  It gives Light to everything you do.  It gives purpose to the physical, and yes, a Great Goal to the Soul for each of you.  There are benefits galore, oh yes, and tradition too.  There is love that abounds in a family unit.  You must come, My children, for you see, I am a Great Part of this Hill.  I am Saint Augustine.

There are so many children who stand on the outside of this edifice now, who desire to come in, but they fear they will be involved.  But they do not worry about being involved in sin in the world, but they fear one thing, that one day they will stand in the world and not be part of it.  This is man’s fear.  But I, Saint Augustine, say to you now, ‘It is the greatest place to be:  be in the world, but not part of it.’  So be it.”

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